Saturday, June 24, 2017

What color is this? Posh Plum

This is Xtreme Wear Posh Plum, which I'm pretty sure is discontinued:
I hung the "what color is this" tag on this post because this polish is not really what I would call "plum" or at least it's lighter than what I would expect. It's absolutely a red-violet of some sort, but looking at the swatch and not looking at the name, I would be inclined to call it more of a raspberry-ish color, not quite purple and not quite pink. Also, while it doesn't show in this picture, I have thought in the past that it has a bit of duochrome flash - blue, maybe? (If so, it doesn't show up on the nail in either of these swatches, new or old, but I think I see it in the bottle in the older picture. What I don't remember is whether it's sometimes visible on the nail, but I think it might be. I may have to actually wear it or something and try to find out.)

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