Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Dorothy Who?

This is China Glaze Dorothy Who?
I believe this is actually a recreated version - Dorothy Who 2.0, so to speak. This is from the same collection as Ruby Pumps, Wizard of Ooh Ahz (the link is to Scrangie's post on this collection from 2009). This collection was originally released in 2001, but apparently most of the original formulas got lost sometime in the interim and had to be recreated for the 2009 re-release. (Scrangie compares a couple of new vs old versions in her post - but not this one.) I don't think that applies to Ruby Pumps because it was in the core collection and was in production all along, but the rest of them were not. Dorothy Who is in the core collection now but wasn't then, as I understand it. Anyway, it's sort of the blue version of Ruby Pumps, as far as being a fine glitter in a jelly base. in this case, it's a bright blue with a mix of blue and silver glitter. I didn't put it in my China Glaze favorites but it was a close thing. It's really beautiful. (I think that part of the reason I left it out was because I have so many bright blues - you can see two more of them on this wheel. But I put Ruby Pumps in even though the same thing is true of reds, so go figure.)

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