Friday, June 16, 2017

Pretty Serious discontinued polishes

I got an e-mail from Pretty Serious (and I'm sure a lot of you guys got it too) that listed all the polishes that are discontinued. I just mostly wanted to make sure I can find it for future reference, but if you're interested in any of these, you might check their website to see if there's any remaining stock ASAP. Putting this together with other things they've said recently, apparently they are doing a major refurbishment and will have a new website and new bottles soon. Some of the old polishes not on this list will still be available but they will be in the new bottles once the new website is up.

Here's the list which I just copied-and-pasted:

A Christmas Time Paradox * Acid Burn Opal Flake Top Coat * Araneae
Blue Lagoon Cocktail Crush Top Coat * Chiroptera * Cocktail Bar
Corvus Corax * Darkling Squishy * Daphne's Disco Party
Eat, Drink and Assimilate * Enchanting Evergreen * Fairy Lights
Forbidden Zone * Fossil of the Death Worm * Frogtown
Frosty The Snowborg * Fruit Tingle * Glitz & Glam * Gloomy Kitty
Gluteus Equine * Gruesome Groom * Happy Heart * Badlands Bandit
Cherry 2000 * Dupe * Chariots of the Red Sea * Party by the Pool
Jack Frost Cocktail Crush Top Coat * Love Bite * Mojito
Morning Java * Pina Colada Cocktail Crush Top Coat
The Singing Seed * Strigiformes * Tarnished Tinsel * Under Dunders
Yuletide of the Machines * The Night Before

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