Friday, June 2, 2017

Sephora haul

I went a little crazy on Sephora's website last week - twice, actually, so this came in two pieces. Plus, the Sephora collection night mask was on sale for $10 and I bought one in each order without having tried it; luckily it seems to be just what I hoped. I got extra samples with one order, and somewhere in here was a 100-point bonus item, too - that was the Clinique, I'm pretty sure. Anyway, here's everything (except the second night mask, which has already migrated to my bedroom):
I know it's not that much stuff, but the eye gel is an expensive item and the styling lotion wasn't cheap either. I couldn't resist the eye gel though because apparently it's something almost brand-new and it's already the best-selling eye gel Sephora sells. Read all about it here. I had had a sample of the Don't Blow It styler and really liked it - and I'm totally its target customer, I guess, because I hardly ever blow-dry my hair. And then I have so many nice samples because there was a promo where you got three with a $35 purchase.

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