Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Odhani vs Mesmerize

I showed my little Essie stash yesterday, and I said that Mesmerize was one of my favorites. When I was taking pictures, I noticed that Mesmerize is similar to Square Hue Odhani, which I had on last week, and loved. They're not dupes at all but they're close enough that they're interesting to compare.

This is Mesmerize, and then the other blue at the top of the wheel is Odhani (which was in last month's Square Hue collection):
You can see on these swatches that Mesmerize is definitely darker. They look more similar in the bottles, though, which is why I noticed this in the first place:
Odhani is a crelly; I think Mesmerize is just a regular creme. Odhani was a bit balky to apply but looked so beautiful once it was on that I really fell in love. (In fact I love it so much I may wear it again, and if I do I'll try to get a decent picture this time!)

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