Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Wet n Wild lip products

Yesterday I showed new Wonder Gel polishes that I got, but I didn't show the picture of the whole haul, so here's that:
This is something I ordered late one night a couple of weeks ago, so this pre-dates the two Sephora orders I showed last week - and price-wise, this was much less of a splurge than that was. Wet n Wild had a bunch of stuff marked down, and I was interested in some of the limited editions (Unicorn Glow!) and trying some lip products out. And of course I ordered several colors of nail polish while I was at it. (They have free shipping over $35 so I was trying to hit that mark. I also got an extra 10% discount that came in an e-mail, so with Wet n Wild's very reasonable prices I got a lot of stuff for barely over $35.)

Here are the lip products:
I really like the ombre one (the double-ended one) but I like them all pretty well. I never end up wearing matte lipstick like this Megalast by itself - it makes my lips feel too dry - so I end up using it as a basecoat, more or less, and this is a good color for that. (I've been doing this a lot with that Kat Von D I got last summer and it works really well.)

So the idea on the ombre one, in case you haven't seen this before, is that you use the purple like a regular lipstick and the pink only on the inner part of your lips - where you pucker, basically. I had seen pictures of this concept and I thought it looked interesting, but it's probably not really meant for somebody my age, any more than that highlighter is. Still, I think I'll enjoy playing with it. The color is called Mutually Beneficial, as you can see below.
I noticed that this product had some really bad reviews, but they all seem to be talking about how much they hate the other color combinations, not the quality of the product. I think most people bought the paler ones, which is the last thing I would buy. You can look at the picture above and see exactly what colors I like on my lips - I like things that lean at least a little purple, for the most part - berry and fuchsia colors and things like that. The middle item, the one that looks really purple is a lip gloss that was a limited edition color, and I took a guess that it would probably look much less purple in real life and I was correct. (It's called Violet in Furs and it was all of 99 cents.) The Megalast color is Back to the Fuchsia.

(I'll do another post later & talk about the remaining items. This is already plenty long.)

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