Monday, June 5, 2017

Wet n Wild Wonder Gel

I bought a bunch of Wet n Wild products, and I'm going to show the nail polish in one post and everything else in another post tomorrow.

This first one was a new color for spring, but it doesn't say it's limited edition so it might stay around for a while. I was almost sorry I bought this because I was unsure from the pictures how much difference there was between the lavender you can see on the wheel and the taupe, but actually there's quite a lot. They're both grayed-out, definitely, but the lavender is quite lavender and the taupe is quite brownish. So now I'm glad I bought both. (Oh, and this is called Taupe As A Joke, which I feel like is a joke I'm not quite getting!)

Then this is Lavender Out Loud:
Not very loud, but quite pretty. Maybe it's more of a... heather color, really? but whatever.

The third one is my favorite - Periwinkle - no, make that Peri-wink-le Of An Eye:


  1. Ooh, I haven't seen new Wonder Gel colors anywhere I've been; I shall have to keep an eye out. I did see some colors being clearanced at Walgreens so maybe the new ones will show up there soon.

    1. Rob's been buying the groceries (he thinks he spends less than I do, which is almost certainly true!) and I haven't been going in Walgreen's and CVS much lately, so I don't even know what's in the stores. If I hadn't gotten off on the tear about the Unicorn Glow products, I would never have known about these either.