Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Singing Seed

This is Pretty Serious The Singing Seed, which is from the Museum of Naileontology collection:
I like this collection - she's been releasing these gradually over the last several years - because not only are they really lovely polishes but they come with these funny little blurbs that usually amount to little miniature sci-fi stories. This is a green and I was thinking I could have put this polish in the "funky green" category that I was showing yesterday, but actually I don't think it belongs there. It's green and gold glitter, with some bar glitter (which I don't usually like but doesn't seem to show up much here). Except for the bar glitter, it's actually a pretty conventional small glitter. But really pretty.

(I was watching destash videos again - I think this time it was Queen Jessika's - and she was talking about destashing all her glitters. So far I am not willing to go that far. I've certainly gotten a lot more selective about what glitters I buy, and I'm destashing things that I just don't wear and certainly that's going to involve some glitters. I'm finding that it's the big glitters that I'm not willing to deal with, rather than the smaller ones. But she makes a good point that unless you're willing to do peel-off basecoat - which I have not had good luck with - glitters can be an awful pain.)

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