Thursday, May 11, 2017


Here's Zoya Anaka:
I keep forgetting this name, so here's the label to make sure I'm getting it right:
I have this on now, and in the dim lights of the restaurant where we just went to dinner it looked red. But mostly it's a bright pink - Zoya calls it a "glam pink" - "a vibrant purple-toned deep fuchsia-pink with reflective hot pink shimmer and gold microglitter."

I checked and this is from the "Truth or Dare" collection way back in 2009 - which was a fall collection. This actually seems entirely appropriate as a fall pink, since it's a much deeper shade than most.

(I shouldn't have scrolled down on that link above - now I want to buy more. Isla has been on my wishlist before, I know, but I think I'd add Envy and Pinta, too. I know Isla was still available last I looked; it's entirely possible the other two are, too.)

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