Wednesday, May 10, 2017


This is Pahlish Electrique:
This is a cool purple with a lot of small glitter scattered in (the flakes are either gold or copper, depending on who you ask) - and you can see on the wheel that it's kind of matte. It looks good like that, or of course you also could top-coat it. I think I've worn it both ways. There's something kind of unusual about this, can you see it? The white at the bottom is a clue - this is a crelly. I don't have many crellies, and this is the only one I have that doesn't also have big glitter in it - I'm not sure why that's what everybody does with crellies but it seems to be that way. Or maybe there are more "secret crellies" like this that I'm just not aware of.

I really like Pahlish and I shouldn't even look at their website because it makes me want to order stuff. (And I am on an official no-buy status for the first time in a while because I went nuts with Pretty Serious the other night - that was Friday night and the polish arrived Monday and I've already got pictures coming up for that.) This is the only Pahlish I have that I didn't buy myself - Karen D gave it to me, back a couple of years ago when I last saw her in person. I think maybe she said it came from one of their monthly duos, which means it's probably really hard to find.

Anyway, you can see the white much better on this side of the bottle:
If I have other crellies like this, I don't know about them - but I would never have thought to call this one a crelly if it hadn't separated like this, either.

Added: previous swatches here.

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