Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Funky greens: Swatch And Learn, Irene, & more

I have a lot of greens that fall into the category that I usually call "funky greens" - usually yellow-toned or brown-toned or in some cases both. (Often they shift.) Often they're colors that sometimes get called ugly - in fact I think that that may be what defines the category, really - but somehow I like them anyway. I had several of these in my "retakes" file on the computer so I thought I would show a group of them in one go. (Note that I have a tag for this, if you want to see more examples.)

This is Pretty Serious Swatch And Learn, which was in my five PS favorites. It was a collab polish with the nail blog Swatch and Learn.
This one only shows its funkiness intermittently, but it's definitely there. It's sparkly, but it's also shifty. It's really cool. You can see the shiftiness just a bit here, but look at Mary's pictures on her blog to get a better idea of what's going on. This polish stayed available for a long time for a collab polish, so it must have been pretty popular. but Pretty Serious has been clearing out a lot of stock lately and this one is now gone. (Actually all of these in this entry may be discontinued.)

This is Zoya Irene:
Here's my previous swatch of this one - it is also a bit shifty. I was worried initially that it would be too yellow but it also shifts around towards brown, and I think that's why I like it.

Pretty Serious Nuke The Fridge:
Another shifty one. See here. It almost looks grayish here.

I showed this one a week or so ago but it certainly falls into this category so I thought I would show it again here too - SpaRitual Optical Illusion:

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