Friday, May 26, 2017

Daphne's Birthday Party (with a comparison)

Daphne is Pretty Serious' mascot (the girl with the curlers in her hair, if you've been around Pretty Serious enough to remember - she is on the boxes and the website, etc.) and she has a whole group of polishes named after her. Daphne is clearly a party girl because the polishes are all called "Daphne's ____ Party" - I know there's a disco party and a garden party - it's possible there have been more parties and polishes in Daphne's past, I'm not sure about that part. Anyway, here is Pretty Serious Daphne's Birthday Party:
So this is just a nice mixed glitter in a smaller size - it has 15 colors of glitter, all the same size. There are a lot of glitters around in this vein, most notably Lippmann Happy Birthday - however, that polish has mixed sizes as well as colors and this is clearly not meant to be its dupe. I don't especially like the way that the Lippmann version looks in people's swatches and I've never really felt like that seemed worth paying the money for. But this seems like a mix that I might enjoy having from time to time. It's entirely possible I won't wear it until December but I'm sure I will wear it eventually. Maybe sooner, if I get in a festive mood sometime. (Also, note that this is another polish that's currently on PS' clearance page.)

As I mentioned yesterday, I wanted to take a look at this next to the holiday glitter I was showing yesterday, Yuletide Treasure:
They are both mixed glitters with a lot of different colors but Yuletide Treasure, since it's meant to be holiday-themed, is much heavier on the green and the magenta and red. I also see gold and cyan blue, I think. (Maybe some silver? not sure.) And the pieces are a larger size. So on the whole they're not really all that alike. I think you could substitute Daphne's Birthday Party for a holiday glitter if you wanted, but it's certainly not limited to that.

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