Thursday, May 25, 2017

TBT: Pahlish Trim the Tree duo

I have declared today Christmas in May, so that I have an excuse to show you this polish duo:
(And since the 25th happened to be a Thursday, I made this a Throwback Thursday as well. But really that was just a coincidence. Here are some old pictures from 2013 if you really want a throwback.)

Here's Boughs Of Holly with a wheel swatch; it's a nice glowy dark green with what looks like bits of gold glitter scattered in the mix. (Actually, if you follow the link above it says it's a flakie in a jelly base, which I had completely forgotten!)

And I didn't reswatch Yuletide Treasures, but it's just mixed "holiday" glitters in a clear base:
(Tomorrow I have a comparison of this with another mixed glitter. So stay tuned.)

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