Tuesday, September 27, 2016

All About You, I Only Shop Vintage

This is Sinful Colors All About You and Sephora by OPI I Only Shop Vintage:
I showed Pyrite in the last entry, and while All About You doesn't look nearly as gold in this picture as Pyrite (below it) does, I think it's actually closer than you might guess. It also seems more like a flakie to me than a conventional glitter. I Only Shop Vintage is much more unique - there may be similar polishes out there, but I've never seen one that I can recall. It's maybe a sort of caramel-colored base with a ton of gold shimmer. It does actually come out looking quite vintage-ish.

I'm not looking it up but last I knew All About You was still available. And of course anything S-OPI is not. (Somebody needs to dupe this one, though.)

Added: Nouveau Cheap has All About You in her top 10 SC polishes as a topper - she agrees that by itself it's nothing special.

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