Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Never Too Rich

Here is Pop-arazzi Never Too Rich:
This is mixed sizes of glitter in a clear base. I was intending to say that it was blue and green glitter mixed together - until I looked at this picture, which looks more definitely green. I have the bottle in front of me right now and I walked around the apartment with it and looked at it in different lights and I'm still not sure. I think maybe the glitter is actually green but it shimmers to blue. It definitely has a lot of holo and iridescence going on, that's for sure. (Here's somebody else's swatch which looks definitely green but it's also layered over green there. So I'm not sure I'm ready to take that as definitive evidence either.) I might wear this and see what I think - if I do I'll certainly report back! For now we'll just call it blue-leaning green.

(Note: see also here, where I swatched it over a blue metallic. It still looks green - but it's awfully pretty that way.)

I have only ever seen Pop-arazzi at CVS and I don't know who makes it. They have some cute colors but I had never gotten around to buying any, and I was pleased when my husband bought a couple as a little surprise on my birthday. (The other one is gold.) He did good, because these are pretty.

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