Friday, August 5, 2016

Kissy, Bottle Green

This is Sinful Colors Kissy and Gosh (or Oh My Gosh) Bottle Green:
As you can see, these two don't look all that far apart in color in the bottle, but they are definitely very different on the nail. This is two coats of each. Kissy is very cyan-blue and very packed with microglitter - in fact it's apparently a pretty close dupe to Zoya Charla, which I've never gotten around to buying.

I was going to say that Bottle Green was a creme but I found somebody online saying it was a jelly. (I've now lost that link, sorry.) I clearly need to look at it again. I would call it more or less green, but it's a fairly blue-tinged green. I think "teal" would be a reasonable word to use for this color. Also, as far as the brand-name goes, Gosh is the brand, and as near as I've ever been able to figure out, "Oh My Gosh" is just their name for their minis. (I don't know how well you can read the label, but it says "OH MY" in very big letters and then "GOSH" in a much smaller font.)

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