Sunday, August 28, 2016

Ho Ho Holodays, Rikki

This is Lacquer Lust Ho Ho Holodays and Zoya Rikki:
These are both slightly-grayed-out and very shiny medium greens. They look very much alike in the bottle, not so much on the nail. As you might guess from the name, Ho Ho Holodays is a holo and is more slightly more green (and in this picture at least, more pearly) on the nail. Rikki is a metallic - Zoya says it has both gold and silver shimmer. Rikki was in a summer collection a couple of years ago, and of course Ho Ho Holodays was a holiday polish, although it's paler in color than most "holiday" greens. It came in an LE trio with a couple of polishes from other brands - I think that was Serum No 5 Yule Light Up My Life (which is glow-in-the-dark, as most of their polishes are) and Polished by KPT Naughty and Nice (which is a thermal) -- the idea being that each brand did the thing that they did best, as I recall. Lacquer Lust is still around and they still have lots of holos, but not this one. Rikki is still current - follow the link above for that.

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