Sunday, August 28, 2016

Ho Ho Holodays, Rikki

This is Lacquer Lust Ho Ho Holodays and Zoya Rikki:
These are both slightly-grayed-out (or more likely, silvered-out) and very shiny medium greens. They look very much alike in the bottle, not so much on the nail. As you might guess from the name, Ho Ho Holodays is a holo and is more slightly more green (and in this picture at least, more pearly) on the nail. Rikki is a metallic - Zoya says it has both gold and silver shimmer. Rikki was in a summer collection a couple of years ago, and of course Ho Ho Holodays was a holiday polish, although it's paler in color than most "holiday" greens. It came in an LE trio with a couple of polishes from other brands - I think that was Serum No 5 Yule Light Up My Life (which is glow-in-the-dark, as most of their polishes are) and Polished by KPT Naughty and Nice (which is a thermal) -- the idea being that each brand did the thing that they did best, as I recall. Lacquer Lust is still around and they still have lots of holos, but not this one. Rikki is still current - follow the link above for that.

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