Tuesday, August 9, 2016


This is Pretty Serious Frogtown:
(It's named after an old low-budget movie, Hell Comes to Frogtown. It's part of the Post-Apocalyptic Princess collection, which also boasts other "classic" polish names such as An Uzi From Daddy and Toxic Tiara.) I talked before about how hard it is to pin down some of these colors in the green-to-blue-green range and what their actual color is. Kaz of Pretty Serious has it labeled as green, and sometimes it looks green to me and other times it looks blue-green. Surely she would know, right, because she created it - but I dunno. I keep thinking blue-green. Back when I first bought it in December I was talking about the same thing. Usually when I've actually worn it I've said "green" - see here as well - but the pictures keep coming out looking blue-green. Go figure. Anyway, it's full of microglitter and it's really pretty, so that's what's important, right?

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