Sunday, December 27, 2015

Pretty Serious mini-haul

I've bought more Pretty Serious polishes than anything else this year, I bet. Like the gift sets, this bunch has been hanging around for a month or two - I think I bought these a while back when they were having a sale.
There's a larger version of this at the bottom, but L-R across the "Pretty Serious" section denoted with arrows):
  • Ninja-lish-ious - dark blue with tons of shimmer (and it's LE)
  • Baphomet's Berserker - speckled black, basically, with a multitude of glitter colors floating in the black crelly-ish base.
  • Elliot, which I talked about some time ago but didn't have a picture of - gorgeous bright-blue shimmer
  • Frogtown - the pictures seem to show it as a blue-green but I wore this at Christmas (with glitter on top) because it just looked like a standard Christmas green to me (here it is on PS's website) ("Green metallic shimmer" is the description on the website.)
  • Nuke The Fridge - I don't remember ever having seen a polish name that's overtly an Indiana Jones joke, but that's what this one is. Kind of similar to Zoya Irene, to my mind (I need to remember to compare - olive green with brown leanings?
  • Stud Muffin (Pretty Serious) - I turned around and gave this one away, even though it was meant to be my own gift, because I decided it was awfully similar to Bird Fling and as well as (probably) similar to ones I already had. I did swatch it before I gave it away, so hopefully I'll be able to do some more comparing anyway. It's a warm-leaning - meaning slightly orange-leaning - bright bright red creme. It's beautiful, I just felt like I didn't need it and I'd give it a better home. (It was Christmas, what can I say.)

Here's the boxes:
(Hmm, there's 6 swatches and 5 boxes - I think it's Elliot that's missing, because I'd already worn it quite some time ago)

I didn't take pictures of the bottles outside of the boxes, for some reason.

This is just a bigger look at the same swatches (actually the same exact picture, just cropped) as above:
 (The brighter blue peeking out on the far left is Zoya Isa, I believe, so you can see that there are definite differences in tone between those two blues. And the brown visible on the far right has to be Cinnamon.)

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