Friday, December 11, 2015

NOTD: Bird Fling + Alpha Nail

I got the 2010s collection from Square Hue. The bottom layer of this mani is Bird Fling, from that collection, which is a nice bright red creme. (I had no idea what the name might be referring to, and I googled and came up with Angry Birds. It says 2010 on the bottle, and apparently that's the year that Angry Birds was first around. I can't think of any thing else that involves flinging birds, so for now, I'm going with that theory.)

So I wore Bird Fling for 24 hours, and it looked great but it was chipping, in that way that reds tend to do. Not big chips, but definitely there. So I considered taking it off and starting over, and instead I patched it up and put Alpha Nail on top of it. Two coats of Alpha Nail, actually. You can see the blue shimmer of Alpha Nail pretty clearly here, and to me, it now looks like a bright pink instead of a red.
(Honestly, in the bottle I thought that Bird Fling was on the border between pink and red, anyway. But on the nail, by itself, it looked pretty definitely red.)

(And I'll do pictures of the 2010s collection when I get a chance.)

Random note:
I happened to notice that three years ago, Karen was talking about Nail Paks - that was an idea that never quite took off, wasn't it?

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