Thursday, December 31, 2015

Working up to a favorites list

Okay, well, here was the shortlist I made for the first half of 2015:
Aurora Borealis - Lucky 13
Black Metal Dahlia - OCC
Boom - Formula X
BSOD - Pretty Serious
Flake Your Booty - Painted Polish
Harlow - Zoya Matte Velvet
Hot Couture - Color Club
Pretty Gritty - Rescue Beauty
She's Beyond Kelp! - KB Shimmer
Stuck In The Middle - Pretty Serious

For the second half, here's another ten:
Bat My Eyes - China Glaze
Bit Faker - Butter London
Bubblegum Punk - Rescue Beauty
Cinnamon - Zoya
Daphne's Disco Party - Pretty Serious
Dorothy Who? - China Glaze
Elliot - Pretty Serious
Ichi Hanami - Pretty Serious
Lichen - Cirque
Love Potion No.99.9 - Lynnderella
Here is Lichen.
and Zoya Cinnamon, as an example or two.

It'd be fun to do nail wheel or two with all of these on it, if I can manage to get them all together.

Note that I don't limit myself to polishes that were released in the last year. They just have to be new to me, not brand-new. Several of these have been around for several years, but I'm just now getting around to trying them.

Anyway, my favorite will probably come off this list, and I'll probably do a top ten from this as well. (Things that I left off this list are still technically eligible if they were new-to-me this year, but I think the chance that I'll swoop back in and pick something else is awfully slight. I have not actually decided on a favorite just yet, though!)

It's interesting to me that there are so many Pretty Serious polishes here. I also see two from the RBL+R29 collection. And several heavy-duty flakies made this list, from various brands.

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