Monday, July 13, 2015

2015 favorites so far + a couple of strays

I don't do month-by-month favorites, but I thought I would do one for "2015 so far" - partly just to make it easier on myself assuming I want to do 2015 favorites later! This is just in alpha order by polish name. I limited it to things I wore for the first time in the first half of 2015, not necessarily things that came out this year or even things I purchased this year. I didn't make any attempt to limit this to a certain number of polishes, but I seem to have come out with an even ten. (There were at least a couple more that I almost added, and then decided I didn't like them quite as much as these.)

Aurora Borealis - Lucky 13
Black Metal Dahlia - OCC
Boom - Formula X
BSOD - Pretty Serious
Flake Your Booty - Painted Polish
Harlow - Zoya Matte Velvet
Hot Couture - Color Club
Pretty Gritty - Rescue Beauty
She's Beyond Kelp! - KB Shimmer
Stuck In The Middle - Pretty Serious

These are not all new releases - Black Metal Dahlia's been around at least a couple of years, and I think Hot Couture has too. I'm not at all sure how old BSOD is, but it might have been around a while, as well. A couple more (like Boom and Stuck In The Middle) might have come out earlier last year. And Harlow might have been a re-release last year or might have been new - I've seen conflicting stories on that.

If I had to pick one favorite... I don't know what I'd pick, honestly.  Pretty Gritty, maybe, or Aurora Borealis. I have really been into the flakies so far this year. And She's Beyond Kelp! is awesome as well.

In other news, I found a couple more of my "stray" polishes. (These two were apparently more or less in plain sight all along - or at least, they were lurking behind some other stuff, among the clutter of bottles on my nightstand!)

  • I Only Shop Vintage (Sephora by OPI) -  this is a really fine-milled gold/bronze glitter in what seems to be sort of a taupe base, although it's so packed with glitter that it's hard to tell. I always feel like these colors should not be flattering on me, but this one is. (here's a dupe post) (& here's my mani from earlier this year)
  • Ruby Queen (NYC Crystal Couture) - a red glitter with some scattered purple pieces in a red jelly base. I don't think I bought this until after the holidays, so I didn't wear it then, and I didn't get around to wearing it at Valentine's Day, either.

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