Friday, March 27, 2015

NOTD: Boom over Jordana's Skinny Jean

I really love this:
This is Formula X Boom, a matte glitter, over Barielle Jordana's Skinny Jean. Sephora's website described Boom as periwinkle, but I can't really see enough purple in it to call it a true periwinkle. I'd call it a light cyan or turquoise, rather. And Jordana's Skinny Jean is, not surprisingly, a dark denim color. I assume that name is supposed to refer to the 80s designer jeans craze, and the jeans of that era were mostly a really dark indigo color, as I recall. Faded was not really "in" for the early part of the 80s, at least. Anyway, they go really well together, whatever colors you call them. It's very bumpy glitter so I'm wearing no less than three coats of top-coat on top of this - two of Gelous and one of BL Hardwear. And it's still just a bit bumpy after all that, but not enough to be annoying.

I bought another matte glitter from the same line (they call them "Transformational Top-coats" or something like that), since they were on sale, that's a dark cobalt blue and is actually almost the same color as the Barielle polish. I tried them on together and you couldn't see the glitter at all. That one is called TNT. And what's the use of wearing glitter you can't see? If it was regular shiny glitter you'd be able to see it, wouldn't you? but not so much with the matte. All you saw was bumps, which is not very pretty to look at -- so I will obviously have to wear it over a lighter blue base, or some other color entirely. I'm looking forward to playing with these.

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