Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Stash: more microglitters and foils

This is where the big gap was between the first set of stash pictures I took and the second (when the sun came out again after a long rainy week), and I messed up in that somewhere in there and at least one of these have been seen previously, and I'll note that. But hey, that's not exactly the end of the world. (I could probably talk about the same polish again and nobody would notice - possibly including me. I didn't this time, but it's certainly possible that I'll do just that before this is over.)
on top:
  • CE61, aka Ipanema Girl (Layla Ceramic Effect) - bright green with gold flecks, fairly sheer
second row:
  • Steel Guitar (Orchid) - metallic steel gray 
  • Rikki (Zoya) - silvery pale green - I like this one a lot but I like it better with something darker underneath it; however, if you don't have my aversion to light colors this is probably unnecessary! I also recall this being pretty sheer, so that's another reason for an undercoat, though.
  • Editorial (Color Club - although actually this is unlabeled; in fact I have two of these minis and neither is labeled) - supposed to be a dupe or near-dupe for Chanel Peridot. See the link for comparisons. Holly says they are close but not quite, but I can't tell much difference from her photos. (Hmm, in fact one of the bottles I have may be that very bottle, because I think I got one of them from her, in a blog sale.)
  • Hipster Chick (this is the repeat)
  • Leaf Him At The Altar (Sephora by OPI) - pretty similar to Rikki, above, right down to the sheerness. I need to compare, if I can remember to! Silvery leaf-green, in any case.
bottom row:
  • India (Zoya) - burgundy with a bit of multicolor shimmer. I loved this in the bottle but was not so captivated when I wore it, to tell you the truth, and I'm still not sure why.
  • Two Cent (Sonia Kashuk) - metallic copper is something I can be relied on to love, and this is no exception
  • Fall Mood (Revlon Colorstay Longwear) - this one is considerably paler than Two Cent, and thus I don't love it so much, because as I mentioned above, pastels and I don't mix. However, it's not quite pastel enough that it looks bad on me - and I bought it on clearance, anyway, so eh.
  • Rage (Orly) - this is one of those polishes that everybody but me seems to adore - but, more or less for the same reasons as above, I don't. This is even paler than it looks in the bottle. I looked at the descriptions and said, "Rose gold? I should be able to wear rose gold!" but somehow, not so much. I did try it over a darker undercoat and that helped.
  • VT100 (Pretty Serious) - this is new(ish) and I don't think I've worn it yet, but it looks pretty awesome in the bottle. Apparently it's also named after an old computer terminal, which warms my little geeky heart. (Wikipedia's picture does not show the display as green, but that's what it reminds me of - those old green-display terminals. Raise your hand if you're old enough to remember those!) This seems to be more of a microglitter than a lot of these. (Later mani here)

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