Saturday, April 4, 2015

NOTD: Easter-ish

I don't know if other people find "history of makeup" posts as fascinating as I do, but here's another really good one, about Mary Astor and the makeup they wore in the silent-films era.

This is Square Hue Gibson Girl + Color Club Hot Couture:
(flooded cuticles and all - also I think it looks a little brighter here than it does in real life)

I am not particularly in love with Gibson Girl, but then I never expected to be - it's not my kind of color. It was also balky to apply in that way that paler cremes often are. Gibson Girl was part of the Square Hue Decades polishes from January. I liked the other two a lot, but like I said, I'm not too much of a pale-pink fan. (Or pale-anything, generally - they just don't look good on me, normally. Although one of the others from that collection, First Flight, was one of the rare exceptions.)

What I mean about balky: wants to skip, extremely slow to dry so that the color pulls when you do the next coat, just generally hard to level and get even coverage. I did three coats and it still looked uneven. Luckily the glitter disguises all that quite effectively.

I really like Hot Couture enormously - it's tiny bits of various colors in a pink base. At a glance you just get silvery, but actually it seems to be pastel multicolors. Whatever else I put on next may get Hot Couture over it, too. My other hand is chipping more than this one, so I'll probably do a new manicure tonight unless I'm just totally too tired to fool with it. I'm tempted to try Hard Candy Sky since I have it - but my memory of my previous attempts with it makes me think that it would be just about as bad. I may end up with that or it may be something else entirely. We'll see. (Gumdrop skittles have occurred to me...)

Before this I had on purple - Bonita Royal Highness, which is more or less in the orchid range, with some shiny stuff over it. I think it was a couple of coats of Travel In Colour, and then I mattified it. (I liked that effect.) And after a day or two I added a coat of Hard Candy Jailbait, which is a shimmery, very pale pink that I think I got in a set at the same time I got Sky. It's mostly shimmer more than color, so I've pressed it into service over the years over various manis as a top-coat. (In fact I think it's in the stash post about top-coats that's coming up next.)

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