Monday, April 27, 2015

Stash: purple & green shimmers

I've already done a lot of these stash posts and some of them (like the last one with the topcoats) had a lot of polish in each entry - and really I like the ones like this with fewer polishes per picture, since I'm basically googling every polish individually. It's time-consuming, although as I said a while back, I'm learning a lot from doing it. I'm researching my own stash as I go, and it's totally worth doing. But I've been working on this since January and I'm... probably more than halfway finished, but I'm not anywhere near finished. I'm hanging in there, and hopefully I really will finish, eventually.

So I'm sure there are a few exceptions, but mostly what's left now is one broad category: shimmers. It's a very broad category, though. (I'm avoiding counting. I don't want to know exactly how many I've done and how many are left. And I'm not going to start counting "shimmers part ___" either. Ugh. But it's safe to say there are going to be quite a lot of parts, if I don't just play out completely before that.)

Let me get the bulk of one gripe out of the way before we start: even though there's not that many polishes here, this installment is particularly rife with unlabeled or illegible bottles. This is very annoying. If it wasn't for my spreadsheet I wouldn't know what was what half the time. Some brands have extremely tiny type - Zoya has shrunk theirs recently, but there are plenty of other offenders. And then this bottle of Orchid is mostly illegible because it's labeled in black type on dark polish, so who knows what it says? The specialty Revlon here may or may not be labeled at all - I can't tell. There's a bunch of teeny-tiny type and maybe the name is in there somewhere or maybe it's not. (I seem to recall that it is, but honestly, I couldn't find it again.) And like I said, this is an especially annoying bunch, but these problems are very common, on the whole. I know I'm not the only middle-aged polish junkie - maybe you young things that still have good eyes can read some of this stuff that I can't. And I honestly don't think I should have to give myself a headache to read a polish bottle in the first place.

So the list below the picture is my best educated guesses (with help from various sources) about what these polishes actually are. About half of these actually have readable labels.
top row:
  • Mistletoe Kisses (Virago Varnish) (link is to Jessface90's YouTube liveswatch of this collection) - a gray-green almost-foil with extra scattered sparkle (this whole collection is gorgeous, Jess is making me wish I had bought more)
  • Topaz (Revlon Chroma Chameleon) - medium-green foil with green-gold flash (I have to say I honestly wasn't nearly as impressed by this one as I expected to be) (mani from 2013, in an entry where I also complain about the tiny type!)
  • Crocadilly (Essie Magnetic) - dark gray-green, which luckily I like because I could never get the magnet to work properly. BJU's instructions at the link say that she got better results applying it after topcoat, so if I remember I might try this again. I partly bought it in the first place because I liked the magnet pattern, which is a criss-cross sort of design. But it just worldn't work for me.
  • Irene (Zoya) - sort of a mossy green with a bit of brownish flash. I know that doesn't sound that attractive (at least it wouldn't to me, if I hadn't tried it) but somehow it works. This is one of my favorites, in fact.
bottom row:
  • Plum Attraction (Revlon) - a pretty red-violet shimmer, not quite dark enough to be called "plum" in my mind but close to that, I guess. Definitely more in the RV-fuchsia ballpark than the red one.
  • Suri (Zoya) - beautiful, shimmery royal purple
  • Island Couture (Orchid) - no googled pictures of this one, since it's a store brand, but it's a nice color. I remember it as being more just shiny than shimmery, on the nail. You can see that it's quite a bit lighter than Suri. Aside from Orchid-brand being next-to-impossible to find in the first place unless you live in Texas, I think that this one was a non-core color, too. A lot of the colors that pop up on displays seem to turn up as core colors later, but this one never did, that I saw.
  • Empty Stocking (Ulta Wicked Wonderland set) - the link is to Karen's pictures, and I got my set from her in the first place. (I really try not to spend much time wandering around in Ulta, generally, it's dangerous.) Very dark, vampy purple. I'm not sure who decided it was a Christmas color, I certainly wouldn't have thought of calling it that!
  • Bottle Green (Gosh/Oh My Gosh - I read somewhere that only the minis are labeled Oh My Gosh, like this one, but I don't think they sell this brand around here so I can't verify anything) - a blackened teal. The only picture I could find that appeared to be the right color was from Pinterest, in this case.

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