Sunday, April 5, 2015

March Ipsy bag

It occurs to me that I never posted the March Ipsy bag:
I really liked the blue flowered bag, for one thing - that's gone into my purse. The 5 items are cleanser, moisturizer, makeup brush, lip butter, and eye shadow. I haven't gotten around to trying the cleanser; the moisturizer is fine but didn't blow me away. (Have I talked about the LaFresh one from a couple of months ago? That's the one I'm still plotting about buying - it's expensive so it may end up being a birthday present.) The brush is a double-ended one, although you can't see either end in this picture, and I've actually ended up using it a lot, in order to apply the Pixi eye shadow, that to my surprise, I liked. I thought it looked like it might lean a bit too orange, but it looks good on me, it happens. The lip butter is Nyx and it worked the other way around - I thought it would be a good or at least okay color on me, and it wasn't. It's way more orange-leaning than it looked and I ended up giving it away because it looked awful on me. However, I really liked the formula so I may end up buying one later, just in some other color. (FYI, the too-orange color was called Little Susie. I gather other people got different colors, though.)

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