Thursday, April 23, 2015

NOTD: two Pretty Serious manis

So when last heard from last Friday, I had that Bonita polish on that I liked but which was chipping. At some point over the weekend, I changed that out and put Revlon Plum Attraction (you know it's an older Revlon, with a name like that) on as a base, and then put Pretty Serious Stuck In The Middle over it. And that looked really nice. Plum Attraction is red-violet enough to pick up those same tones in SitM. (Here's the bottle shot of that one - it does have definite purple leanings.) So I liked that mani a lot but we've had lots of rain in the last week, so I didn't have good conditions for pictures.

But then I did another Pretty Serious mani after that, and that one I do have pictures of - it's BSOD, as in Blue Screen of Death. (It's from the same collection that VT100 was, which I was wearing a while back. I think VT100 may be discontinued but here's BSOD.)
Here's Kaz's description:
All your friends will stop and stare at this beautiful blue jelly packed to bursting with blue glitter. Don't make the critical error of passing this one up! 
Disclaimer: Any instance of Blue Screen of Death while purchasing this product is a complete coincidence. Quite possibly the coolest coincidence ever, but still a coincidence.

Details on this one:
1 coat hardener
1 coat BL Nail Foundation
2 coats BSOD, and two was plenty (one didn't quite seem adequate)
1 coat Gelous

Here's somebody else's swatches, which don't look quite as bright as mine so I'm putting them in here as a comparison!

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