Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A failed experiment

These are really bad pictures, but this was an experiment, so I'm not really apologizing for that. I'm showing these to you so you can judge for yourself what you think of it. This is Formula X TNT - cobalt matte glitter - over Hard Candy Sky. It was one of my late-night manicures, anyway, and clearly it was very much just slapped on. Also this was the iPhone under fairly dim fluorescent lighting, and I pulled the saturation down but didn't otherwise monkey with the color.
This is one coat, and the next picture is two coats.
Other than it being sloppy, I really quite like it - although you really can't tell that it's not over white, can you? Anyway, my intent was to clean it up the next morning and wear it for a day or two. However, something in the combination of polishes caused it not to set, and when I went to bed, an hour or more after I'd put this on, it still had not set. I know I had put Seche Vite over the original Sky - I'm guessing it was the 3-free formula that Formula X uses interacting badly with SV. Remember how people used to have trouble with SV and Zoya polishes? I think that it's probably that same sort of effect. There's some ingredient in fast-dry topcoats that's the problem, I remember reading.

So the experiment is a failure, but not for the reason I expected. Next time I'll remember to keep the Seche Vite away from these.

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