Monday, March 23, 2015

Stash: microglitters pt 2 - blue to green + metallic

Honestly, this iteration of the stash project is a pain and it's going to take me forever (assuming I ever finish at all) but I am learning so much about my stash it's just unbelievable. Basically, I was stunningly ignorant about nail polish finishes and now I'm becoming a little less so.

I took this picture a while back, and then I had computer issues and I was afraid I had lost this and a lot of other things, but Carbonite came to the rescue, as it's supposed to, and all is well. (If you're curious, I had a corrupted profile. I had no idea such a thing was possible.)
top row:
  • Zuza (Zoya) - you could call this either a dark aquamarine or a light turquoise, I guess - it's from the summer collection called Beach and Surf, back two or three years ago (Beach was cremes and Surf was shiny, if I'm remembering right, so this would be the Surf one.) It's very pretty but a bit light for me. I've liked it best when I layered something slightly darker underneath - but you can clearly see there that I've used a good bit of it up!
  • Remy (Zoya) - this is the blue polish from Zoya's great Ignite collection from last fall, with its "liquid metal" finish - dark blue with mixed-metal shimmer
  • Evening Emerald (Pixi) - a very dark blue-green - not what I would call emerald at all, it's far too blue, although I suppose the "evening" part of the name is meant to account for the darkness of it. Anyway, it has tonal shimmer, maybe a bit lighter blue-green, and it looks really pretty in the pictures and now I'm trying to remember why I was unimpressed by it when I tried it. Time to try again, I guess!
  • Rid Of Me (Nostalgic) - here's what I wrote when I wore this a couple of months ago. It's a gorgeous bright blue MG, but very sheer and does need an undercoat. The pictures at that first link show it with an equally bright-blue undercoat and it looks great. Nostalgic Lacquer seems to have gone MIA lately (that same note has been there for months), and I hope it's not permanent, because I really liked their polishes a lot!
  • Glacial Springs (Smitten) - this seems similar to Rid Of Me, really, except maybe even flashier since it's packed with holographic glitter. I know I wore it at least once, but I think it was in the middle of a bunch of layers and clearly, again, I need to retry this one!
2nd row:
  • Swatch & Learn (Pretty Serious Blogger Collab line) - one of those "funky greens" which reads a little on the yellow side but not extremely so, and it's really packed with several different colors of duochrome shimmer (I think it may be that it's gold shimmer which makes this read as somewhat yellow, actually)
  • (upside down) Meow Meow (RBL) - really packed dark-green small glitter, very pretty
  • Chita (Zoya Pixie Dust) - this looks a bit lighter in the picture above than I really remember it reading in person. It's basically a matte forest green with some silver sparkle - maybe it's the silver that makes it look lighter here. Like all the Pixie Dusts, if you don't want the texture finish it looks great with top-coat too. (mani w/topcoat from 2014)
  • N-evergreen (Ulta Wicked Wonderland set) - another glittery forest green, very pretty. This one leans a bit more blue.
  • Kissy (Sinful Colors) - most notable as a near-dupe for Zoya Charla, but very pretty in any case. Dark blue-green which reads also as a foil.
3rd row:
  • Rainforest ("old" Colorstay) - very dark green with maybe a hint of yellow - I think maybe the glitter in it is more like a lime green, going from VV's picture in the link. She calls it "murky" green which I have come to think implies yellow tones as well. It's prettier than all this makes it sound - in fact I had already gone through most of a bottle by the time I figured out they were discontinuing the "Longwear" version of Colorstay early last year, and I bought two more bottles as backups from various clearance sales, I like it that much.
  • Stiletto (Jade) - medium green, similar to several medium green cremes I have like Chick Moss - the difference is that this one has scattered glitter in it, despite the fact that it's labeled "cremoso" which sounds like it ought to mean "creme". The text at the link is in Portuguese (which makes sense since Jade is a Brazilian brand) but the little insert picture clearly shows some glimmer in it. Otherwise I might think I was imagining it! (Note that when you google "jade stiletto" you get some polish swatches but you also get stuff like this, which made me laugh.)
  • Hipster Chick (Chick) - you can see the whole line there, with Rocker Chick, Biker Chick, and Punk Chick (I sort of wish I'd bought Rocker Chick too, while these were still available). Hipster Chick to me looks a little less bright than it does in that picture. It's like the closest thing you can get to a "neutral" lime green - which is probably why I like it. And it does have scattered holo sparkle. (mani from 2014)
  • This Is Tree-mendous (China Glaze) is one of several packed microglitters from the 2013 holiday collection. (I have to note here that I think it says a lot about the organization - or lack thereof, more like - of this stash project that three polishes with exactly the same finish ended up in different batches.) Anyway, green packed MG, maybe a bit lighter than a traditional holiday green, and like many polishes with this kind of finish tends to flake after a day or so. It's really beautiful while it lasts, though. (mani from 2014) (more swatches)
  • Slick Black (Triple Shine - missing its cover that says so, which I did find again after I took the picture, of course) - this is a black with a glass-fleck appearance. (I never know exactly what to make of that term "glass-fleck," because while I suppose it's possible that they are putting glass glitter in nail polish, most of the time I doubt it! Anyway, whatever it's made of, it's beautiful.)
bottom row:
  • All About You (Sinful Colors) - I am amused by the commentary at that link - she really hates this polish! This is a mixed-metals sort of thing, in the gold/brass/copper range, with a clear base and thus it's really more suited to being a top-coat. I haven't worn it the way she shows it, built to opaqueness, either.
  • London (Zoya Pixie Dust) - the usual "original" PixieDust formula (and in fact I think this is from the original PD collection) - Michelle of ALU calls it "graphite" but I have always thought of it as "fog gray" which sounds more romantic, at least. Graphite is probably just as accurate, if not more so. It's dark enough that I like it, and since I hate pastels on me, that probably means it's more of a medium gray than a light one.
  • Trailer Trash (old-school Hard Candy mini, and I have a full-size bottle of this somewhere too) - fabulous antiquey silver, one of my favorite polishes of all time. I suspect it reads more as an old-line frost than a true microglitter. My favorite use for it is actually to put a really light coat on top of other stuff. I spent an entire winter a few years ago trying this with everything I owned at the time, and it usually looked great.
  • Midnight Magic (which is upside down for some reason) (Outlast) - huh, this link says it's a very near dupe to FeiFei, which I also own (and also one of the OPI Bond polishes) - I'll try to remember to compare. I'm not sure if Midnight Magic was actually one of the Catching Fire polishes or if it was already core before that, but it's got that same finish, which is, guess, what, glass-fleck-ish. As is FeiFei. I just hadn't realized the colors were that close. Interesting. (See, I learned something new again. That is why I keep going with this even as I gripe about it.) (mani from 2014)

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