Saturday, May 24, 2014

Catching Up: Cover Girl and China Glaze

I'm really behind on "what I've been wearing" posts. From last weekend, this is All Wrapped Up, one of the China Glaze holiday 2013 polishes - there were 3 microglitters like this, I think, but I hadn't worn this color before:

It keeps looking very blue in pictures - this was not my first try at getting a picture of it - but it is very firmly in the "dark blue-violet" camp in person. It's very beautiful but it had a tendency to flake in big sheets so overall I wasn't thrilled with it.

Then all week I've been wearing Cover Girl polishes that are from that bunch I got for my birthday. I think they are from the "Catching Fire" tie-in collection, but they were originally released as Glosstinis, as I recall, in tiny little bottles, and now they've all been re-released in the regular Outlast bottles. I bought a couple more colors at the time which I liked other than the itty-bitty bottles, so I'm happy to see them in a normal size. (I did the math on the price per ounce at one point and it's very high on the Glosstinis, because the bottle size is something like a tenth of an ounce) They are all kind of microglitter/metallic sort of finishes; these two, Midnight Magic and Violet Flicker, both seem to be multicolored tiny glitter, but in different-color bases. I'm not sure I got a picture of Violet Flicker (I keep wanting to spell that Flickr) but it was actually my favorite. I like Midnight Magic, too - I'm not entirely sure what color the base is but if I had to guess I'd say charcoal gray or maybe blue-gray. I did manage to get some decent pictures of it in the Starbucks line earlier:

Here are pictures of all the Catching Fire colors from All Lacquered Up. The ones I had already were Seared Bronze and Pyro Pink - as I recall I liked the former more than the latter. Michelle of ALU also points out that Seared Bronze is pretty much a dead dupe for Warm and Fozzie, so if like me you were wishing you had bought W&F before it was discontinued, here is a substitute. I may have to go pick up some more of these - maybe HEB will have another coupon sale soon. (Also, she says that Midnight Magic was an existing core color, which I didn't know, but that it does have that same finish.)

I notice there's a little wear visible on that last picture (although not a lot) - I got a bottle of Vinylux Weekly Topcoat and I've been experimenting with using it as a regular topcoat since I don't actually own any other Vinylux products. I haven't gotten staggeringly wonderful results, but I do think it seems to wear a bit better than my usual norm - I've had this on for a couple of days now. I'll try to remember to report back on that.

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