Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Playing with thermals, and acetone

I bought nail polish remover back a few months ago from Sally Beauty, and I bought the one that just said "Acetone" rather than "Pure Acetone" - it looks slightly pinkish, and I believe it has a little bit of lanolin and such in it. And I expected it to work just fine, but really it didn't so much - not on difficult removal jobs, anyway. It seemed too diluted, I thought. So I went back to Sally Beauty today and bought the Pure Acetone, and I poured the two together. And it fixed it, to my satisfaction. It's still not as drying as pure acetone would be, hopefully, but it's also a lot stronger than the "impure" version. And I had enough partial bottles floating around that decanting from one bottle into another wasn't a problem at all.

The mixed version took three coats of Nfu Oh 51 off with very little trouble, where I had trouble getting two coats off with the other stuff.

I finally got around to trying Naughty & Nice, the Polished by KPT thermal, and well, not much happened. That's not really true, it got much lighter when I put it on, so it's reacting. But my nails are so short I barely got that "french mani" sort of effect that thermals normally have.

Here's a couple of pictures taken in the car, in a couple of different spots (meaning, a couple of different traffic lights!) so that the light is a little different.
Maybe it's shifting a little bit, because right now it looks paler than either of these, but I'm certainly not getting the two-tone effect at the tips. I'll have to try it again when my nails have grown out. I cut them back very severely last week, so they're shorter than normal.

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  1. Yeah, thermals only seem to give me the two-tone effect when my nails are on the long side, which thanks to Mr. Peelies, they haven't been for a while.