Friday, May 30, 2014

Stash: Violet-leaning pinks

I put all my reds and pinks into one big box, and when I looked at them in a good light, I started noticing how many had a hint - or more than a hint - of purple to them. A couple of them are even named Purple Something, but I wouldn't have them in this picture if I didn't think they fell into the pink camp.
(The rows sort of stair-step down so I'm doing each little level as a different row!)
Top row: Hard Candy Scam, Zoya Reagan
Second row: Color Show Magenta Mirage (a shatter aka crackle)
Third row: Zoya Allegra, Pipe Dream Polish In Through the Out Door (that's the one with the completely illegible label - a great pink-and-gold glitter)
Fourth row: China Glaze Be Merry Be Bright (magenta and blurple glitter), Colorstay Rich Raspberry, Essie It's Genius
Fifth row: L.A. Colors Pink Sizzle, Orly Purple Poodle (magenta jelly with violet glitter)
Sixth row: Confetti Purple Pizzazz (which reads even more pink than it looks in the bottle), Xtreme Wear Rockstar Pink, Zoya Rory, Pipe Dream Polish Believe in Believing (a mini with an equally illegible bottle to the full-size one above it), and upside-down, NYC Fruit Punch
Bottom row: Orchid He Loves Me I Love Him Not, Studio M Slammin' Red, Zoya Kierra, Cover Girl Glosstini Pyro Pink

(Note that Pyro Pink is one of those Catching Fire tie-in colors that I was talking about a few days ago. I think these have now gone into the permanent collection in full-size bottles.)

To my recollection, not a single one of these is untried. I was on a fuchsia tear a couple of years ago, so many of these got used heavily during that time. (Slammin' Red, for example, is darn-near empty.)

Several of these, you may notice, are packed-fuchsia-glitters in the same mold as Slammin' Red - which despite its name is very definitely not a real red. He Loves Me I Love Him Not, Scam, and Believe in Believing. (Scam is particular is long-discontinued and is one of those polishes that apparently shows up on eBay from time to time and goes for ridiculous amounts of money. But I can't afford to spend ridiculous amounts of money on nail polish - what I already spend is bad enough - so I will have to content myself with these other, very similar colors.)


  1. Yes, I have seen full size bottles of the CG Catching Fire colors--haven't moved into the core section at any of my stores yet, though.

    Do you need another Slammin' Red? I'd be happy to grab one for you.

    1. I THINK I did see the full Catching Fire set in the core section at HEB - unless I was hallucinating. It was across the bottom row, to be exact.

      You may have figured this out from Twitter by now, but we actually will be in Ohio TOMORROW - so I can hopefully get to Meijer & decide if I want another Slammin' Red in person. But actually I'm not sure I do, since I have so many really similar colors. (But thanks for offering! And I wish I thought we had time to meet up while I'm up your direction, but we are coming and going so quickly that I don't think there's any way.)