Thursday, May 29, 2014

Stash: Red-orange, dark reds

This is the stuff that I was calling "near-red" the other day. It starts with things that lean orange and works down to some that lean almost purplish:
Top row: Elfin' Around (shimmer), Hot Cinnamon (texture), Sangria, F*ck and Run, Reva (sort of strawberrry with gold shimmer)
Second row: Riley, Karina (microglitter), Voodoo, Posh (matte), Unbreakable Heart
Third row: Blaze (holo), Blackberry, Peru-B-Ruby (redder than it looks here, although it definitely has pink tones as well), Dark Side of the Moon, Sparkling Wave
Bottom row: Echarpe de Seda, unnamed mini, Vixen, Ramblin' Red, Bad Santa

As yet unworn: Elfin' Around, Dark Side of the Moon, Sparkling Wave, the unnamed mini

I read somewhere lately that Dark Side of the Moon was a Snow White & the Huntsman tie-in. I had no idea that such a thing existed. Apparently there was a light one and a dark one, and obviously this is the dark one. I didn't retain what the light one was.

Let's see, what else do I have things to say about? Zoya Blaze is from the first round of Zoya holos, which I have forgotten the name of and which I'm feeling too lazy to go look up at the moment. Anyway, I wanted to love these holos but the fact is that I really didn't. It took me a while, but I'm starting to think that holos just aren't really my thing. Give me a shimmer any day. (However, Echarpe de Seda, below that, is a jelly holo and comes a lot closer to being awesome, in my opinion.)

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