Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Stash: Red and near-red

I had some vague idea I had already posted the reds in my stash this year, but apparently not, so here you are:
Top row: Zoya Delilah (which is a glitter although you can't tell it), Stop (mini, also a glitter), unlabeled OPI mini which I'm pretty sure is Big Apple Red, Razzmatazz mini, old Sephora mini which is only labeled No.08 (and is a bit darker than it looks there, and shimmery)
2nd row: Xtreme Wear Red Carpet (glitter), Just Be-Claws, An Affair in Red Square, Bet On Red (all of those last three are very shimmery), Jolly Lolly (a jelly and redder than it looks - the light seems to be hitting especially oddly on the right side of this picture)
3rd row: Challenge Red-y, Knees Up, Chyna (texture), Sparkling Fire, Poppy Field
Bottom row: the first two are a set, Rococo EmpoweRED and its toner (which is the darker one, meant to darken the red), RBL Chinoise, Sooki, Revlon Parfumerie China Flower

I haven't worn: Big Apple Red, Just Be-Claws, Challenge Red-y, Sparkling Fire, and honestly I'm not sure about a couple more, because it's hard to keep reds straight in my head. Let's say there are a couple more that I've maybe swatched and worn once.

I'm not changing the title, but actually what I was calling near-reds were in another picture which I decided to put in a separate entry. That should be along later this week.

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