Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Stash: microglitters pt 3: red & red-adjacent

("Red-adjacent" meaning a few oranges on one side of the spectrum and some purple-leaning things on the other!) The picture is a bit out of focus, sorry! but I do think it's sufficient to my purpose here - plus, by the time I realized it was out of focus, the polishes were scattered and I just wasn't quite motivated enough to find them all again.
top row:
  • Reva (Zoya) - like the many other polishes Zoya puts out like this, this has a fairly sheer base and a ton of microglitter, although it doesn't have that grainyness that would make it into what I would call a "packed" glitter. Here I think the base is red and the glitter is maybe pink and coral and gold? It's hard to tell. It definitely leans a bit orange in some lights.
  • Sugar Rush (Julie G Gumdrops) - a red-orange texture (I'm using the same link for both these Julie G polishes because there are texture dupe comparisons galore there, including both of these, and that's a super-useful link that I have referred to over and over in the last couple of years. Thank you Polishaholic!)
  • Hot Cinnamon (Julie G Gumdrops) - Hot Cinnamon is supposed to be the red one, but it actually leans quite noticeably toward the orange side. (And there is also another more yellowy orange one than these two. I don't know if Julie was really feeling her oranges at the time or what!) (Oh well, I have Zoya Chyna for my fire-engine-red texture needs, anyway!) (mani from 2013)
  • (upside down) VIP (Jade) - another link in Portuguese, but you can get at least the sense of it from Google Translate and the pictures. VIP is from the Special Glitz line, they're jellies with holo glitter, and this one is red-orange. I have three of these and I love them all.
  • F*ck and Run (Nostalgic Lacquer - named after a Liz Phair song) - this is sort of in the same ballpark as Reva, above - a reddish-pink with hints of orange. That's not to say they're dupes at all, though - this one is a jelly, so much more sheer and reads more red than Reva, I think. Does well with something under it, or on its own it's buildable to something like opaqueness, at least!
2nd row:
  • Bad Santa (Ulta) - first of all, this is my favorite name of all time for a bright red. And luckily, it's super-pretty, too. No real surprises there, bright Santa-suit red with lots of MG - in the picture here it looks like the shimmer might have some gold in it, although I can't say I remember noticing that in past wearings. (On my all-red nail wheel it's #20, for another view of it. If there's gold I can't see it there.)
  • Stop (old Hard Candy mini) - I notice on the nail wheel above, I refer to Stop as a red creme, which it is not - if I hadn't seen glitter in it I wouldn't have put it here, and that link is to Makeup Alley where their reviewers agree. It's apparently sort of a subtle glitter, at least.
  • Delilah (Zoya) - before I had a million reds, Delilah was my go-to red glitter. I don't wear it as much nowadays, but it's still just as pretty!
  • Ruby Pumps (China Glaze) (that's the same link as the last one, since they're both in there) - I bought Ruby Pumps just mostly because I'd heard so much about it, but... really it didn't blow me away, it's too similar to things I already had. That's not to say it's not gorgeous, though. Maybe a hair darker than Delilah, although I'm not sure it's noticeable on the nail.
  • Chyna (Zoya Pixie Dust) - pretty similar in color to the rest of these - bright red, pretty neutral (not orange- or purple-leaning at all that I can tell) - but in a texture. The Pixie Dust texture is very similar to the Julie G ones above, although it's not in those comparison photos because it didn't come out until later!
3rd row:
  • Alegra (Zoya) - Alegra came from the same collection as some more-famous Zoya polishes like Ivanka and Charla, yet I don't recall it ever getting that level of hype. It's beautiful, though - I have mocked Zoya's description of it as "expensive-looking" because what does that mean? but actually I do know what they were trying to say, I think - it's rich-looking, somehow. Fuchsia with dark pink sparkle should not looks as classy as it does. (It's maybe a bit darker and/or more purple-leaning than your average fuchsia, I think that's part of the difference.)
  • Believe In Believing (Pipe Dream Polish) - actually I don't think this is really a microglitter, but it's in the picture so I'm going to talk about it just the same. Apparently I thought when I was sorting that it was, but appearances can be deceiving! Looks like it has some hex glitter in it, with mixed pinks. There is some microglitter IN there, I think, but it's not only microglitter.
  • Fruit Punch (NYC) - I think I may have purchased this in a duo pack along with Grand Central Station, that seems to ring a bell with me. There's nothing really different about this polish, but for the price, does there have to be? Fuchsia with microglitter, really pretty.
  • Escharpe de Seda (Jade) (this means "silk scarf") - like VIP above (and I'm using the same link) this is holo glitter in a jelly base. This one was the first one I bought and still my favorite. It's maybe a little more red than these fuchsias I've just been talking about - it's right on that dividing line between red and pink. (In fact, Kelly appears to be comparing it to Zoya Blaze, at that link, which I'm going to talk about below.)
  • Pyro Pink (Cover Girl Glosstini mini) - Originally from the Catching Fire collection, although now I believe it's core and available in the normal-size bottle. It's maybe a little paler than the rest of these fuchsias, but otherwise pretty similar. It does have that same lovely glass-fleck-type finish as the rest of this line. (Note that I also now have a full-size of this, and that these are being discontinued as of late 2015.)
bottom row:
  • Put A Bow On It (China Glaze) - purple-leaning fuchsia, very packed with glitter. This is the same formula as This is Tree-mendous, which was in the last entry, and I bemoaned my lack of organization. But in fact they are all in the microglitter section, they're just not in the same entry because I separated them by color. The third one is All Wrapped Up, which was in part 1. So - at least in this case - I'm doing better than I thought. (S&L swatches)
  • (upside down) Blaze (Zoya - holo) - cool-toned red or raspberry holo, depending who you listen to. I never could warm up to this one - so to speak - and I really don't know why. (Later: Somebody admired Blaze in a Pinterest picture, and I found my bottle and gave it to them. I figured somebody else might enjoy it more!)
  • Purple Diamond (Sinful) - sheer orchid MG, needs layering (although, if you look at that link, clearly don't layer it with the semi-sheer L'Oreal that she tried). I'd put it over something like a similarly-colored cream, myself.
  • He Loves Me, I Love Him Not (Orchid) - hmm, I wasn't expecting to find any kind of swatch for this, because it's a store-brand, it's obscure. But the store's website came through with a bottle shot, at least. (Although honestly, I think it reads more pink than purple, myself.) And here's a nail wheel swatch - it's #6 there, and you can see it fits in quite well with all the fuchsias.

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