Monday, March 16, 2015

Stash: microglitters pt 1 - blue & purple

So finally we get to the microglitters - and let's start calling them MGs right now so I don't have to type "microglitter" a zillion times! (If you haven't been following along, I started this little project back in January - attempting to sort my stash by "type" which has proved to be not-so easy and then talking about every one individually - and I am nowhere near done.)
top row:
  • Wavy Blue (Triple Shine) - really beautiful royal-blue MG
  • Playmaker (Orchid) - I haven't worn this one (although I may have swatched it on a wheel, I'll have to check) and swatches of Orchid-brand are always hard to come by online. It's a fairly similar color to Wavy Blue but its microglitter is less obvious, I think (less "grainy" is how I'm coming to think of that after staring at these a lot lately) and maybe just a bit grayer.
  • Super Star (Sinful Colors) - a blue MG with bigger purple bits (mani with a black base from 2014)
  • Indigo (Zoya) - a very dark blue metallic with some holo shimmer
  • Quick Jeanius (Insta-Dri, an LE color from a couple of years back) - I was holding up the bottle to this in the sunlight and I was amazed by how many different shades of blue were in there. It's lovely, and has some violet leanings, too. (I hate to use that dreaded word "blurple" but it probably does qualify.)
2nd row (which is kind of wonky, as rows go, but hopefully you can follow this):
  • Daul (Zoya) - this is one of those purples that tends to read as slightly brownish, to me, but it actually has a red-violet base according to Zoya, with tons of purple and gold shimmer (mani over a dark base from 2014)
  • the two Dollish minis are turned sideways: They're Hereeee! from a Halloween collection (see below for far more on that one but it was originally bright blue), and One Lifetime With You (lilac-periwinkle glitter - Mishka, who helped design the Ultimate Fandom set, says the base is lilac, so we'll  defer to her expertise there!)
  • then two that are upside down, All Wrapped Up (China Glaze - which is super-packed blue MG with maybe very slight purple leanings) (here's a mani from 2014) and Sugar Plum Fairy (Julie G Holiday Gumdrops - which is more the other way around, a purple with blue leanings, and a full-on texture)
3rd row:
  • Jem (Zoya) - Zoya calls this a metallic, but the line between metallics and microglitters is something I seem to have trouble distinguishing. This is also another one that they call purple, but is more in the wine/brown range to my eye - in fact I would have said it reads as pretty close to "marsala" territory but the pictures vary depending on the light. More of them look purple than look brownish, though, I have to admit. This was the breakout star polish from the Mirrors collection back a few years ago, when I first started getting into nail polish enough to notice things like that!
  • (upside down) Vestido de Gala (Jade) - I notice that Google Translate renders that name "Gala Dress" which concurs pretty well with what I had figured out, since "vestido" is "dress" - what I'm not sure about is whether it has the same connotation in Spanish of "super-special-occasion" that English gives the word "gala" - in other words, does it imply just "party dress" or is it more "ballgown"? Anyway, as usual I'm overthinking this. I have several of the polishes from this collection (Special Glitz) and they're all exactly the same as far as I can tell - holo glitter in a jelly base. This one is the burgundy one. They're all beautiful. (mani from 2014)
  • Chic Peek (Ulta) - another purple that reads brownish - I seem to have a lot of these. I really like most of them, though, including this one. (Note: I changed the link on this one because the other one wasn't working - this new link calls this a neutral taupe/khaki kind of color. Go figure.)
4th row:
  • Sansa (Zoya) - the dark purple one in the Zoya Ignite collection, with their "liquid metal" formula. (I haven't worn this yet and I don't know why!)
  • Private I (SH Diamond Strength) - dark purple with what may be coppery flecks (be sure and scroll down - way down - at that link because there are some really nice pictures of it there) - PGS says it's coppery, and she's probably right. I haven't worn this in ages so I'm not certain.
  • I Love You (Sinful) - sheer or maybe jelly? glitter that builds nicely to a dark blue-violet or blurple. It takes several coats to get there, though.
bottom row (such as it is):
  • Purple Gleam (Milani) - this is from Milani's old One-Coat line, and as I recall it does cover well. It's a red-violet, but the glitter is more of a straight-up purple. (more swatches)
  • Amethyst Accent (Finger Paints) - I'm linking myself here since mine was actually the first picture that came up in the google results, and that's never happened that I recall before. This is a nice red-violet MG with an almost-foil finish.
  • (sideways) Carter (Zoya Pixie Dust) - gorgeous, that's the main point here. I like this with topcoat, although it's still gorgeous without, too. This is maybe just the opposite of Purple Gleam above - it's red-violet glitter in a neutral (dark) purple base. (mani with top-coat from 2014)

I was holding the bottle of "They're Hereeee!" while I was taking these pictures - I remember clearly because I was looking at the number of e's in it - and I was thinking that this used to be brighter blue, but get a load of this:
That was from this entry in January 2014.

And here it is in January 2015 (cropped from the picture above):
That is some serious fading, there. (You can see some pink shimmer in the purple picture, so I guess the blue faded and left the pink? I'm going to have to go look at this again and make sure I'm looking at the right bottle,

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