Monday, January 12, 2015

Stash: chunky glitters

I mentioned that I was attempting to sort my stash by finish. This has already turned out to be a bit more difficult than I thought, because things I thought were cremes keep turning out to be jellies, and so forth. The easiest thing to identify was of course chunky glitters, although even that turns out to have the same problems with hidden jellies and such.

So anyway, here's the chunky glitter potion of the stash. I don't have a ton of big glitters - I like my glitter smaller than this, in general. The links are below are to other posts about these polishes, rather than my own, because I'm trying to do homework and look up what other people have to say about them! So assuming I don't give up on it completely, this is going to be a project that takes a while.
sideways at top left (my "rows" are a bit screwy):
  • There's Snow One Like You (China Glaze Texture) - there are big glitters in this but they seem to hide away in all that white! (You will find a lot of hate out there for this one - "cottage cheese" is a term that I've heard several times - but it does make a cute accent nail, I think.)
  • Your Present Required (China Glaze) - a mix of colors and sizes of glitter, but blue, purple & silver predominate. Does best with an undercoat, since it has a clear base and doesn't go on in a way that you can easily build to opaqueness. (S&L swatches)
  • Glitter Matters (Funky Fingers) - matte glitters ("glitter matte-r's" get it?) in pink, white, and yellow - apparently there are a couple more in this line, in other color combinations. I like this so I wish I'd seen those!
Dollish Polish minis at top right:
  • I Volunteer as Tribute - black jelly base with a mix of earth-tone glitters. It's a very fall-ish effect but really pretty!
  • Underneath that is Look At The Flowers Lizzie - I've heard this referred to as a "pretty ugly" polish but I loved it, somewhat to my surprise. It's sort of a pale green or olive crelly base, with various sizes of scattered pink, green, white & black matte glitter - the end effect, to me was that it looked like a meadow in early spring. Pretty cool.
  • Live Long And Prosper - blue crelly base with stars and other scattered pieces in blue, gold, and black
3rd row:
  • Love Sprinkles (Sinful Colors) - clear base, hearts and smaller glitters in baby-pink and white - may be LE for Valentine's, not sure about that
  • The Deathly Hallows (Dollish Polish) - holographic topper with big DH-type shapes
  • Evil Queen (Essence Snow White collection) - BIG purple glitter in a clear base - there's a picture here (if you scroll down a ways) over a dark purple - definitely not intended to be worn on its own
  • Love Me Some Pie (Dollish Polish) - strawberry-colored jelly base, big circles & a mix of other glitters of various sizes & colors
  • Shake Your Money Maker (Deborah Lippmann) - teal & gold, mixed sizes
4th row:
  • Poppy Field (Serum No 5) - pink jelly base, mostly red square and hex glitters with a scattering of black and gold
  • As If! (Nostalgic Lacquer) - black, white & pink matte hexes in various sizes, plus some bars (mani from 2013)
  • Blue Whale (LynB) - crelly? base with blue and silver glitter. It's gorgeous, but I do have to note that I had bad wear problems with this one, which is why I only tried it once. I need to try again and find out whether that was just a fluke.
  • unlabeled silver glitter mini - small & large hexes
  • (upside down) Unicorn Farts (Funky Fingers) - big bright-colored hexes - honestly I doubt I'll ever wear this but it was cheap - 3-for-$5, so that's, what, $1.66? - and it's pretty to look at (and the name is funny, which I have to admit was a factor). The reviews tend to bear me out on its basic unwearability, although the colors are really pretty..
bottom row:
  • Yuletide Treasures (Pahlish) - mixed sizes & colors of glitter in a clear base (I had no luck finding other posts about this online, so here's another picture of mine!)
  • (upside down) Fires of Gallifrey (LynB) - orange crelly base with hexes in orange and I think pink? and maybe some shimmer too
  • I'm The Ultimate Fangirl (Dollish Polish) - a mix of big glitters in all different shapes and colors, in a clear base
  • After Party (Icing) - multicolor shards in a clear base. I don't care much for shards, really, but I had to try one! Shreds & shards have become sort of a thing lately, I think, but this one was the first one I ever saw.
  • Party Of Five Glitters (Wet n Wild Fast Dry) - mixed-size hexes in what you might call "Happy Birthday" colors, more or less (and the link here has an actual comparison of those two and a number of other multicolored glitters)

So let's see, if I was trying to sort by the differences in these other than color and glitter shape, we have:
  • clear base (not surprisingly, these predominate): Your Present Required, Glitter Matters, Love Sprinkles, Evil Queen, Shake Your Money Maker, As If!, Yuletide Treasures, Unicorn Farts, I'm The Ultimate Fangirl, After Party, Party of Five Glitters
  • jelly base: I Volunteer As Tribute, Love Me Some Pie
  • crelly base: Look At the Flowers Lizzie, Live Long And Prosper, Fires of Gallifrey
  • matte glitter: Glitter Matters, As If!
  • holo glitter: The Deathly Hallows
  • texture: There's Snow One Like You
(I started to do "meant as a topper" as a category, but honestly, that's nearly all of the clear-base ones, at least. Some of the others can be built to opaqueness, but really I would put some sort of undercoat under all of these, in most circumstances.)


  1. Ugh - I thought about sorting by finish and color, looked around at my wall racks and kinda gave up! I might have to just pull everything down and go at it! I like some of the bigger glitters. I use them sparingly over a base. Not too fond of the full-on glitter nails!

  2. I don't know if I'll really get through my entire stash this way - I have something upwards of 400 polishes these days, which is not as many as other nail junkies have but is still a lot! But it's instructive, so we'll see how far I get.

    (I tried twice to post a reply from work - let's see if it works now that I'm home!)