Monday, January 5, 2015

Square Hue Decades

Y'know, it wasn't very long ago that I said I would never subscribe to Square Hue unless they started letting you pick & choose the colors. And yet, here I am with my 3rd Square Hue box. (I skipped December and then I was sort of sorry about that, too.) I don't know how long I'm going to hang in there with it but I have to admit I'm enjoying it.

So here's January. The theme this year is "decades" - they started with 1900s so I guess that will get them right up to the present at the end of the year.
The colors really do look very 1900-ish, or what I think of as 1900-ish, anyway. It's those Edwardian dresses with all the lace I'm thinking of, I guess.

Here's the names:

This is the 3rd gray in the last two boxes, but we'll see. It has a pretty shimmer to it, and I'm a sucker for shimmer.

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