Sunday, January 11, 2015

Playing with polish: Rid Of Me

I am falling down on my nail of the day - I've had a mani on for several days and keep adding onto it and haven't even tweeted about it once. That's very uncharacteristic of me!

(BTW, before I forget again, everybody knows about the Zoya promo, right? 3 polishes of your choice + a "mystery" set of three minis for $15. The code and the expiration date were both on Zoya's front page.)

Returning to the NotD: I started earlier in the week with Nostalgic Rid Of Me. We're back to super-cloudy skies so I am not taking pictures, but I do see it on an existing picture of a nail wheel, so here you go:
There's a picture of the whole filled-in wheel somewhere, too, but it stands out better in this picture - it the one lone blue over on the right side. Pretty, right? It is, but the problem is that it's also very sheer. I did three coats of Rid Of Me and I did wear it to work one day but I was not happy with it. There was visible nail line in a very unattractive way. So I solved that by putting Teal of Fortune (a Wet n Wild polish which is a very similar color, but opaque) on top of that, and then putting more Rid Of Me on top of it. Next time I'll have to remember just to start with an undercoat in the first place.

Also, I tried out Snowflakes, the Color Club flakie, on my thumb, on top of the whole confection. It looks very pretty but it does not really look like what I think of as a flakie - it's not sheer enough. It looks more like a shifty silver glitter. But anyway, it's pretty, so I'll get over my conception or misconception of what a flakie is supposed to look like.

By the way, I am still working on my new stash project, it's just going to be slow. It's mostly for myself, anyway - putting it up here just prods me about it.

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