Friday, January 16, 2015

Organization or lack thereof

This is a mess but this is meant to illustrate my organization system for nail stuff other than polish:
There is actually a method here, although it may not be immediately obvious. The main thing is the bin with all the bottles in it - those are little bins that my mom had, I imagine they came from a dollar store or somewhere like that. I have two of them in use for bottles of basecoat and topcoat and such. One lives in the living room by the computer, and the other one (the one pictured) is on the table by my bed. It's maybe a little junkier than usual but I am not domestic in the least so things in my house are always pretty chaotic. But I do like to be able to paint my nails when I feel like it, since that happens pretty often, and so I keep basically full sets of manicure products in both rooms.

The two bins don't have identical items in them but I try to keep one of everything important in each place - so various basecoats, topcoats, cuticle oils and nail files are in each set. (You can't see the nail files here - they're in a pencil-cup just out of sight on the right.) I left the pink thing in the picture because it's something I started using for travel and kept around just because it turned out to be a good size for throwing orange sticks and nail implements and such into. I don't have two full sets of all of that, but I do have at least two pairs of decent tweezers (those Revlon slant-tip ones), and you can see orange sticks in there too. And there are some cotton squares floating about this picture that appear to have seen better days - I think I need to either use those or toss them.

But anyway, you get the idea. Two complete sets, so I can do manicures in either room without toting everything around. I have two things of Gardener's Hand Therapy, even - you can see the tube in the foreground, and I have a pump bottle of it in the living room. (My mother gave me the tube, actually, which makes that one quite a few years old. And it smells divine as well as working well, so I bought the pump bottle a year or two ago. Actually I think they make it in a number of scents, but I like the original one.) I have a facial moisturizer in each place, too, and a bottle of aspirin, for that matter, because I'm headache-prone. I only have one tube of Aquaphor, though. Those last few things are obviously not actually manicure-related. I suppose you could use Aquaphor on your hands but mine are not usually chapped enough to call for the heavy-duty stuff. I save the Aquaphor for the big problems.

(And before somebody asks, I'm going to have to look later and see what that metal thing is that's sticking up next to the tube of hand therapy lotion, because I actually have no idea. But I'm not interested enough in the answer to jump up and go do that this minute. If the answer turns out to be interesting I'll report back. But I doubt it, because it's apparently something so uninteresting I see it every day and completely ignore it.) (Added: it's not metal, it's ribbon. It was attached to something that's down in the bottom of the bowl.)

These are just here for entertainment's sake - this is the sorting process for my stash-by-finish project.
(I think I talked about this assortment of bowls last year when I sorted and resorted by brand and then by color. One bowl is holiday stripes that I'm pretty sure came from the grocery store - HEB always has cute melamine stuff, I have a bunch of it - then the green one is an old Tupperware piece of my mom's, I think, and the big one below is of course meant for Halloween candy. I grabbed whatever large plastic things I could find. I have some big vintage Pyrex bowls, too, but those are too heavy.)

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