Thursday, January 15, 2015

Llarowe + NOTD pics

I wrote about both of these things but didn't have pictures at the time. So today the sun finally came out again and I ran to snap pictures. This is the stuff from Llarowe:
(L-R: Hot Couture, City of Ashes, Gettin' Dirty With Disco Sally, and Snowflakes)

And here's my NOTD of Intrigue-plus-TinC:
A little tipwear but not bad at all considering this is the fourth day I've had it on! I don't remember what base-coat I used, but I know it was 2 coats of Intrigue, and then Seche Vite and only then Travel in Colour. You can't really see TinC too well there but it shows up quite well in most lights as a pretty pink shimmer. In fact I really like this combo a lot!

I didn't get a picture of the mani before that one, but I had almost forgotten and I want to get it down here before I forget again: it was Color Club Nail-robi, which is a very-dark-but-not-black blue, with maybe a little hint of purple to it. And it's pretty much a one-coater, too, although I did two just to be safe. Then that chipped a bit after a day or so, and I patched it up and added Jordana's Skinny Jeans, which is a Barielle polish. (I found that tremendously confusing at first, since Jordana is also a polish brand, but apparently it is referring to Jordana Jeans, which were incredibly popular all through the 80s. I never wore them myself - my brand during the whole designer jeans craze was Gloria Vanderbilt - but a lot of my friends did.)

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