Wednesday, January 7, 2015

More recent acquisitions

I'm still catching up with the pictures. If you haven't figured this out yet, I only take daylight pictures, normally - except for the occasional nail-of-the-day picture taken with the phone under the fluorescent lighting at work. I don't have a lightbox setup and I don't really have a place to put one if I had it. So this time of year when we have a lot of cloudy days, I am kind of stuck. When the sun comes out, I tend to take a bunch of pictures. Last year I ended up posting every day in January because I had taken so many pictures I had enough to string them out over the course of the month - and into February, for that matter.

Last year I sorted my stash by brand, instead of by color which is what I normally do, and took pictures. This year's winter project is that I'm attempting to sort it by finish - creme/shimmer/glitter etc. - which is considerably more difficult. I did get some pictures so the first installment will probably appear pretty soon.

We did finally get some sun this week, thank goodness. I have some degree of seasonal affective disorder and when it stays cloudy too long I start to get really down.

Okay, so here's a couple things I bought a month or more ago, and a couple that are more recent:
There are two OPI Texas polishes, which I bought from Sleek Nail back in November (along with Here Today Aragon Tomorrow, not pictured) - that's Y'all Come Back Now Ya Hear, the orange, and Houston We Have A Purple, which is not really all that purple. Both of them are "sorbet" finishes, kind of in the jelly/crelly range of things - more jelly than crelly, going by the one of the two I've tried. Then sometime in December I saw the Coca-Cola collection at the grocery store and I bought Today I Accomplished Zero - because, y'know, it's copper glitter and that is pretty much my favorite thing in the world. The last one there is another grocery-store purchase, from after Christmas, Sinful Love Sprinkles. I was afraid if I didn't grab it when I saw it, it would disappear - although in fact I've seen it all over the place, since. If you haven't already seen it, well, it's pale-pink heart-shaped glitter. I don't have anything like that so I thought I needed it for Valentine's Day!

This picture has the same bottle of Love Sprinkles in it, but it's also got another polish that I'm pretty sure I never took a picture of before:
This is NOPI Guys & Galaxies, which I believe is an Ipsy exclusive - it was in the December Ipsy bag. I gave a lot of the other stuff away (and never got around to taking a picture), but naturally I had to keep this. I already have plenty of silver polishes, but I don't have one exactly like this. You know how that goes...

And then here's my pair from Virago that you saw half of on my nails already:
This is Mistletoe Kisses and "Prototype 003" - Mistletoe Kisses doesn't look all that green next to the brightness that is the prototype, but it is in fact green, as well, just a more subdued green.

And that gets us more-or-less up to date on what I've been buying lately. I do have a Llarowe order in the works, from their after-the-holidays sale, but that hasn't come in yet.

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