Sunday, January 4, 2015

Somewhat belated November/December acquisitions

The sun finally came out today so I have some pictures! I snapped quite a few before my husband dragged me off to the movies, so I may spread them out into a couple of entries.

These are the four Zoyas I bought from whatever sale they had going, I've already forgotten. Was it BOGO, or buy 3 get one? I can't remember. Whatever it was, I thought it was a deal at the time. Anyway, this is Sansa, Remy, Odette, and Dovima, I believe. (Isn't Sansa purple? It sure doesn't look very purple there. You can tell I haven't worn it yet... but if I wear it and it doesn't look purple then I'll be sure to say so.) The first two are from the Ignite collection, Odette is a Naturel - from the first of now-several Naturel collections - and Dovima's a Matte Velvet.

The China Glaze on the end there is Ruby Pumps, which I bought in November when we were in Ohio, and I'm pretty sure I never took a picture of. Not that most everybody doesn't have it or a dupe of it already, so everybody pretty much knows what it looks like, I imagine! (I suspect I probably have some dupe or other, since I have a ton of red glitters, but it was just one of those polishes I always thought I wanted.)

(Well, I hit "post" by accident so I will stop there and do another entry later. I seem to be especially ditzy tonight so it's probably just as well.)

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