Thursday, January 1, 2015

My favorite polish of 2014

Here's my #1 polish of 2014 (to my surprise):

Lynnderella Orchid of the Year

These are Lynnderella's pictures, mine are below:

This is the first very-expensive polish I've bought that I really loved. I guess I shouldn't have resisted the lure of Lynnderella for so long!

If you look at the rest-of-the-favorites list I posted yesterday, it's very clear that I love my purples. But I was still surprised at the depth of my love for this one!

I actually got decent pictures of this, for once (these are over Zoya Mira; the original entry is here)

This polish is available on eBay with shipping included, or on Lynnderella's Storenvy website (for a lesser price so I assume shipping is not included).

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