Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Stash: medium glitters

Let's call this one "medium" glitters. The category I have a ton of is microglitters - those are probably going to take multiple posts to go through. But we're not to that yet. This bunch is neither big chunky glitters nor microglitters, but the in-between ones. I also have some more that are in a separate "topcoat" category. I tried to start with the chunkiest remaining colors here, and work down toward the smaller ones.

As I noted in previous installments, the links here are to other people's reviews/swatches if I could find such a thing, and to my own only if I couldn't find any alternatives, because I've been trying to do "homework" and see what other people have to say about these polishes. But if you dig around in my archives you can also find my previous pictures for many of them.

List and links and descriptions at some length after the picture. (At least this one has nice neat rows!)
top row:
  • Bells Will Be Blinging (China Glaze) - very bright blue and silver (holo) glitter - very packed, I think the base must be clear but really I can't see it at all! This also has bar glitter in it, making it one of the very few of those that I own.
  • It's Bouquet With Me (S-OPI) - I bought the majority of my Sephora By OPI polishes in a 3/$10 sale right as Sephora started to close them out - I got lucky and just happened to notice that they had been marked down! This is one of several I bought from their "jewelry top coat" line, I believe. It's very blingy violet-leaning pink and silver glitter - and holo glitter as well - in a clear base.
  • Fowl Play (Orly) - this polish was all the rage back in 2011 when it first came out. I didn't buy it at the time, though, the only one I bought then was Sweet Peacock, which you'll see later on. I found this marked down last fall at Sally Beauty, and it's just as awesome as everybody said back in the day. It's a purple squishy base with multicolored bits (seemingly mostly blue and purple) as well as larger flakies). (This probably belongs in the jelly or the flakie category, really, not here, but it does have some glitter, I think.)
  • City Of Ashes (Esmaltes da Kelly) - This was the "mystery polish" that I wrote about at great length a few entries back, so I won't repeat myself. It's beautiful, though, silver glitter in a gray base.
  • Orchid Of The Year (Lynnderella) - I've also written about this one at length recently, since I declared it my favorite polish of 2014. It's mixed sizes of "radiant orchid" glitter, including some scattered holo glitter. (mani from 2014)
second row:
  • Mermaid's Dream (D.Lippmann) (get a load of the macro version too) - seafoam with a foil-like finish, and bigger blue pieces. It's much-duped now but when it came out there was nothing like it! Honestly, when I looked at it in the bottle I wasn't sure I would like it, but I do.
  • Patricia (Nostalgic Lacquer) (also here) - gorgeous, green with bits of purple. Was originally released as a St Patrick's Day polish. (mani from 2013)
  • Gold Digger (Aldo) - I didn't find much in the way of swatches for this, but this is not an American brand so I guess that's partly why. It's "mixed metals" - gold/silver/brass? I think, but it's hard to be sure - in a clear base. It reads gold, usually, but it's a more interesting gold than many. One of my favorites.
  • Amethyst Couture (Maybelline Color Show - from the Brocades collection) - You may remember some hoopla about the Brocades collection just over a year ago; it was a Christmas 2013 release. I ended up with two and frankly I don't love them all that much, that I'm going to cry about missing the rest. I swatched this yesterday and it didn't blow me away, although it did light up in direct sunlight. It looked kind of muddy, otherwise. (I prefer polishes that don't have to be in direct sunlight to show their awesomeness!) (These swatches I've been doing will probably be in an upcoming post.)
  • Ice Dream (Sinful Colors) - a very similar palette to Bells Will Be Blinging, really, blue and silver, but this one leans more towards the silver and is not as chunky. It's still quite blingy, though, looks like it has some small holo bits in it! (Both this and Bells could go in the top-coat category, really - they need something underneath for maximum effect.)
third row:
  • Honey You Should See Me In A Crown (Dollish Polish) - actually this one may mimic the finish of Mermaid's Dream (above), a bit, although the color scheme is very different. It's gold pieces in a red-orange base.
  • I Want To Believe (Dollish Polish) - pale blue-gray with scattered glitter - I tried swatching this one and you could barely see it except for the glimmer of the glitter.
  • Gift Of Sparkle (Studio M) - the four Studio M glitters look really similar in the bottle - except for Sexy Siren, they seem to me like they've found a formula and they're sticking with it - a formula that is super-sparkly and packed with holo glitter - and now they just tint the base different colors. This is the blue-violet one. (Studio M is exclusively at Meijer stores, but it's manufactured by Color Club, and if you take a look at CC Gift of Sparkle it looks exactly the same. The note on Steph's picture, if you read down, makes it sound like that is in fact the case.) (More swatches of the Color Club version)
  • Sexy Siren (Studio M) - the outlier in my Studio M pack - mostly turquoise glitter, with maybe   (There seems to be a Color Club twin for this one as well.)
bottom row:
  • Sparkling Wave (LASplash) - I bought several of these last year when Cherry Culture was having a clearance sale (they're having one now so it may have been this time last year) and they were all pretty similar. I think they really should be in the top-coat category - and maybe that's where the other 2 are, we'll see when we get there! It looks pretty thick in the bottle but doesn't go on that way. Has a pale-pink base.
  • Slaimmin' Red (Studio M) - Karen sent me this polish several years ago, and I really loved it and wore it a ton, so it's way down the bottle now and it's getting more than a bit sludgy. I swatched it on a nail wheel and it didn't seem like it had that old glitterbomb effect out of direct sunlight, although it did light up like always in direct sun. (I put some thinner in it after I swatched it but I didn't retry to see if it helped.) (example from 2013)
  • Purple Medallion (Studio M) - this looks like Gift of Sparkle in the bottle, but it is totally different on the nail. It's a red-violet that almost reads as pink.
  • #601 (Dear Rus) - the bottle is in Korean, so I can't read anything but the number and the name, but I believe this polish is known as "Shuffle Green". Dear Rus used to be sold a number of places in the US, but many of them seem to have discontinued it - I guess the sales weren't enough to justify the import costs. (This one came from Llarowe when theirs were on clearance, but I notice it's gone from there now.) Anyway, it's a green and gold topper with maybe some olive mixed in - really pretty.

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