Friday, January 30, 2015

Raspberry-ish: Purple Medallion & Stuck In The Middle

Here's the current mani, which I've had on for a couple of days. (My left ring finger is now chipped, and it apparently chipped in the last few hours since I took this picture. So this will probably be coming off sometime very soon.)
As the title says, this is Purple Medallion, which I talked about a few entries back. It's maybe not quite as pink as I was thinking when I wrote about it the other day - I think it's basically on the borderline between purple and pink. But in any case it doesn't look like I would expect something named "Purple Medallion" to look. (I think they could easily have traded names between this and Gift of Sparkle. But I'm sure there was some reason or other they didn't.) What you don't get an idea of from this picture is the total sparkliness of this polish. It's really a bit too much sparkliness for my taste, to be quite honest. I love the base color, though, and the picture is pretty accurate on that.

Before this, I had on another polish that was in more or less this basic color range, and that was Pretty Serious Stuck In The Middle. The last NotD kind of post I did, I was wearing Feifei at the time I wrote, and I actually just slapped this on right over Feifei. I forget now why I decided to do that! But it was really pretty and shimmery, and I couldn't tell if I was seeing Feifei or just the shimmer in Stuck In The Middle, because it's awfully shimmer-packed on its own. I'm going to have to try it again to find out. (But with Valentine's Day coming up in, what, 2 weeks, I'm in the pink/fuchsia mode anyway.)

(Also, I'm looking the pictures at that link above and thinking, Why the hell didn't I buy Undercover Mermaid when I bought the other two she's talking about there? Very silly of me.)

Between that and Purple Medallion I actually went two whole days with nothing on my nails except Nail Nutrition, can you believe it? But I was off from work and not doing anything much except hanging around at home, and so nobody saw me except Rob practically the whole time, anyway.


And now it's Friday, and I'm wearing Stuck In The Middle again, because after I wrote this last night I had that one on my brain. This polish is seriously almost opaque in two coats, which, since it's a jelly, is amazing. I guess it's all that shimmer. The shimmer looks blue in the bottle but I'm not picking much of the blue up on the nail. (What it may actually be is violet!)
This is a very sloppy manicure with some seriously flooded cuticles - I was in a rush - but at least if you look close you can see some of the shimmer. This picture looks redder on my monitor than the mani does in real life, though - again, it's more of a raspberry color, pretty similar to the base color of the one above. (I also have a nail wheel swatch of this somewhere, I'll have to dig that out.)

I have to pimp for Pretty Serious a little extra just because my experience with them has been so good. (Not pimping in the sense that I'm getting money or merchandise out of this, because I'm not. This is strictly an unpaid-for thing.) My experience is fairly limited - I only have three of their polishes, and actually I've only tried two of them, because I haven't tried Swatch & Learn yet. But the two that I've tried - both jellies, the other one is Party By The Pool - are totally awesome. (And I've heard great things about Swatch & Learn, too, which is why I wanted it!) Also, even though this is an Australian brand, they apparently have a US warehouse, and my last order came super-fast. I've noticed that some indie brands are more professional than others - makes sense, right? since we're depending on the individual, basically - and this is one of the professional ones. Which makes them really easy to do business with. (And I think this is also the same person I was linking to the other day when I was talking about Hard Candy, the vintage polish collector - her blog for that is PrettyRandom. First I thought the similarity in names was a coincidence, but apparently it's not!)

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