Monday, January 19, 2015

Stash: more glitters

I couldn't figure out what to call this - slightly-less-chunky glitter? scattered glitter? there seems to be some of each in here, actually. So I settled on "more glitter" as being vague-but-accurate. More of these can stand on their own without undies than the previous batch.

I notice that very few of these are polishes I've worn a lot - in fact, I think Yule Light Up My Life is the only one I can remember wearing more than once. Maybe that tells me I need to think twice before buying stuff in this category!

Another thing I notice is that there are a lot of jelly bases here. There were only a couple in the first installment (which is at the link above).

(list below - and again, links are to other people's swatches if I could find any)
top row:
  • Clearly Spotted (Maybelline Color Show) - black & white matte glitters, in mixed sizes with a clear base. I bought this some time ago because I didn't have one like this, but I don't think I've ever worn it.
second row (the violet-looking ones):
  • Be Merry, Be Bright (China Glaze) - pink and purple - or red & purple depending on who you ask - hex glitter in a clear base. I haven't gotten around to wearing this much but I liked it a lot when I did!
  • Scandalous (Revlon) - mixed-size glitter in a dark base (jelly?) - the link here is a comparison to Lippmann Bad Romance; the similarity is what I bought this for. Again, haven't worn it a lot. (From here on out I'm going to quit saying that, and only note the ones I haven't worn at all.) (mani from 2013)
  • G-listen To Your Heart (Sephora by OPI) - orchid/fuchsia chunky glitter in a clear base (both this and SPFGW, below, are from SOPI's "Jewelry Top Coat" line)
third row:
  • Yule Light Up My Life (Serum No 5) - multicolored glitter, and I tend to forget that it's also glow-in-the-dark!
  • Prototype 003 (Virago) - holo bits in multiple shapes
  • Montana Sky (Colors by Llarowe) - silver. blue jelly base
  • Let's Go Crazy (Lippmann) - mixed colors in purple jelly - unworn - I love it in other people's swatches but when I swatched it on a nail wheel it didn't grab me!
fourth row (partial row on right):
fifth row:
bottom row:

By base:
clear base: Clearly Spotted, Be Merry Be Bright, G-listen To Your Heart, Yule Light Up My Life
dark base: Scandalous, Chupacabra, Glitterati
jelly base: Scandalous, Montana Sky, Let's Go Crazy, Mermaid's Tale, Chupacabra, Glitterati


  1. It is these sorts of "how do I classify this glitter" questions that led me to do my glitter wheels by brand. I know for sure what brand a polish is. :)

    1. Yeah, I knew it was gonna make me crazy even before I started, but I HAD to try!