Monday, January 5, 2015

Now for Christmas

Continuing my what-I-got-for-Christmas theme:
Here we have Pretty Serious (as you can see) - two blogger collab polishes, Swatch and Learn, which is a green duochrome, and Stuck in the Middle, a pretty shimmery fuchsia.
I couldn't force myself to let go of the cute little boxes until I had at least photographed them.
(Also see note at bottom about this brand.)

And here's part of the stuff I got from my aunt:
So it was the Tweezerman scissors,  Bridge the Ridge basecoat, and "I'm Not Really A Waitress.
Plus a nail file and the plastic organizer thingy below.

And this was the Miracle Gel duo that i got.
I tried the Miracle Gel out and just slopping it on without any particular preparation it lasted about four days before it started chipping. Which is really good for me, and especially with this reddish color because those almost always chip horribly. The color is Mad Women - in some lights it looks fuchsia, in others red. But it was really pretty and shiny and I really liked it. I will be trying more shades of this, for sure. I should also note that everything I've read says to get the topcoat out in the sun to set it, and I couldn't do that because the sun was MIA the entire time I had it on. So hopefully that means it will do even better when the sun is out.

One note about Pretty Serious: they're an Australian brand but apparently they have some kind of US shipping arrangement that works really well, because my order came extremely fast. I ordered directly through their website but I do think they have some other stockists as well.

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