Thursday, January 29, 2015

Stash: cremes pt 2 - warm tones

I'm not sure everything here truly qualifies as "warm-toned" but that's what I was trying to pick out, at least. This the warmer half of my red cremes - then we shade down into orange, coral-leaning pinks, and tans. Links are to other people's reviews, because that's what I'm doing here, trying to get things into their proper categories (and that means looking at other opinions than just mine).
top row:
  • Big Apple Red (OPI mini) - classic red, just slightly orange-leaning
  • Chinoise (Rescue Beauty) - I think of this as a neutral red, but maybe it leans a hair orange (aha, Michelle does say "coral-tinged"!) and maybe that's the problem I've always had with it. It always looks great in swatches but it's never looked as good on me as I feel like it ought to.
  • Via Della Spiga (Square Hue Milan) - this seems very neutral to me, nice bright red, neither blue-leaning or red-leaning that I can tell.
  • China Flower (Revlon Parfumerie) - another red, but this one maybe leans a bit coral. (The link is to pictures of the same set that my husband bought me, this and Pink Pineapple below.) (mani from 2014)
  • EmpoweRED (Rococo) - another red that leans a bit orange - this one is distinctive because it came with a toner (see picture at the link) that turns it darker. I tried this and couldn't find that the toner made it a whole lot darker, so I haven't bothered to fool with it a lot. I need to give it another try!
2nd row:
  • Status Symbol (Essie) - coral-pink, although for some reason I love this color and never complain about it not being flattering on me! (Essie's description of it was apparently "feisty hot pink" which seems apropos even though it's hardly the brightest pink ever.)
  • Sooki and Ali (one above the other, in the picture) (both Zoya) - Sooki is like Chinoise in that it's a red that I expected to like more than I actually do, which I put down to it being orange-leaning. And Ali was a complete bust the time I tried it and I haven't tried it again since, and I should. I think the problem there is that neons tend to be warm-toned. And so it's part of the same issue, that warm colors and me just don't mesh, with a few exceptions.
  • Times Square Tangerine Creme (NYC Long Wearing) - I do buy the occasional orange on purpose - this one I think I bought in Ohio a few years back because I wanted a Halloween orange, and this one is not too bad on me, I think because it leans a bit more red.
  • Retro Red (Orly) - oddly, this is almost the same color as Times Sq Tangerine, even though it's labeled as red. It's a matte, though - they call it a "satin matte" or pleather finish (from a collection called Plastix, so that tells you the look they were going for). Again, though, it's a red-orange, and so not too too unflattering on me.
  • unlabeled orange mini
3rd row
  • Always Sheer Bliss (old-school Colorstay) - the only swatch picture of this I could find was popup city, so I'm not linking that. It isn't quite the same color, but this picture shows what these looked like in the original packaging. These were around for several years and went through a couple of formats. (I never thought that making you buy a new bottle of topcoat every time was a good idea, and you notice that Colorstay did eventually abandon that approach! This is a super-pale sheer pink, meaning not really my color, either.
  • English Rose (Rimmel Lasting Pro) - I think of this kind of coral-leaning "rose" color as being very 80s, but they do seem to have come back resoundingly in the last year or two. One thing about it, I don't own anything else like this, these days. (If I had something like this in the past, it's gone!)
  • Gibson Girl (Square Hue Decades) - from this month's Square Hue box, the 1900s box. I haven't tried this one yet but if it's 'warm' pink, I may not find it too appealing, on the evidence above! Still, it looks nice in the bottle and I'll give it a try.
  • Pink Pineapple (Revlon Parfumerie) - again, pale warm pink, not really my thing. It took me a long time but I'm finally learning to avoid things like this!
  • Cajun Shrimp (OPI mini) - another orange-coral-red, apparently with a bit of shimmer which I hadn't even noticed.
bottom row: 
  • Decades of Shades (OPI) - Huh, PolishAholic calls this "red-brown" which makes me think Marsala. In person I have always called this "baby-poop brown" which pretty much tells you my attitude towards it. It looked great in the bottle but again, just doesn't look good on me.
  • Via Sant'Andrea (Square Hue Milan) - it's tan (or light brown, if you like). It's a pretty tan, but it's just a tan. (I am a bright-colors person, for the most part, I just don't get that excited about tans.) (Having said that, I am comparing this to the others in that row and have decided it's much more neutral than the ones to its right - sort of a sand-color? See comments below.)
  • Dusty Spring Fields (Hedy's - no swatches of this one so the link is to a display pic. I think this brand is only at RiteAid, or at least that's the only place I've ever seen it. I liked this color - I suspect that it's a cooler brown than these others.
  • Gray Area (Xtreme Wear) - this blogger describes this polish as a "purple gray" which I would not have thought to say. (Although I have described Dusty Spring Fields, just above, as a purplish tan, come to think of it. It doesn't look purplish in the bottle but it reads that way on the nail, in some lights.) I don't remember that I fell in love with Gray Area the one time I tried it, so maybe it needs another try. (I think I've said that several times here!) But hmm, look at it compared to Via San't Andrea two over from it, especially. Both the polish and this one look quite purple compared to that. Interesting!
  • Bubble Bath (above) and Tickle My France-y (below) (both OPI minis) - Huh. The story about Bubble Bath there at the link is very interesting, and my bottle doesn't especially look like either one of those so I wonder if I mixed my polishes up - the OPI minis are not labeled. It's either a pale pink or an almost-white, according to that. I'mna have to go look at these again! Tickle My France-y is supposed to be just a bit darker but it also looks more pink and less tan in those pictures. Surely I can't have gotten them both mixed up, I only have 10 of the minis and they're mostly not this close in color! (I will report back on this. Maybe it's just the lighting.)
I said that this is only about half my red cremes - the rest will be in the next installment of cremes. Honestly, I need to STOP BUYING REDS (or at least red cremes - but really reds in general) unless there's something truly unique about any future ones I consider buying. I have a ton of them and I don't wear them that much. The same goes for the warmer and especially paler pinks, but they're not such a temptation for me, generally.


  1. I love clear red creme polish and it is impossible for me to resist them. However, I really don't have many because I see too many reds that lean orange and then some to blue. Thank goodness - otherwise, my racks would be overflowing with red! Nail polish in general I find hard to resist, though. Such beautiful bottles of liquid gems.

  2. The ones that lean blue are the ones that are more flattering on me. Neutral is fine, too. And "liquid gems" - yes, I know just what you mean!